Dollar Brand – Estival Jazz, Lugano

here is the info file from Dime

January 24th, it’s SwissBird’s birthday!

SwissBird, SimplexSimplicissimus and superMAX are proud to present

another soundboard quality recording!

Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim


Trevano Aula Magna

10 novembre 1978

Piano solo, pre-Estival time, an absolute rarity, and a fantastic show!

01 – Medley (45:51) 1 – Children of Africa 2 – Yukio Khalifa 3 – The Pilgrim 4 – Ishmael

5 – Little Boy 6 – Cape Town Prince 7 – Moniebah 8 – Sathima 9 – Ubu-Suku

02 – Medley (18:13) 1 – The Dream 2 – Soweto 3 – Tintinyana

03 – Medley (16:03) 1 – Goduka Mfundi 2 – Xaba

Artwork and a special file included in the torrent.

On this special occasion, the SwissBird has decided to share this wonderful recording with the EZT community. The rest of the Estival team know very well that this particular show is one of SwissBird’s absolute favourite shows, and we appreciate the fact that you’ve decided to share it with us all. This is a perfect example of what this great group is all about, sharing the music.

Thanks a lot dear friend, Happy Birthday, and may all your wishes come true!

Another special dedication from us all goes to erwe and jupiter2101 for all they have done and keep doing at EZT. Since its start just more than a year ago, this place has grown to become the ideal home for many of us music lovers and collectors.

Never for sale, do not turn into mp3 or silver boot!