European Tandem Tours

That’s us in 2023 at Birds & Bicycles in Castro Verde, Portugal.


While planning for Scandinavia in 2024 I realized that we had done ten tandem trips to Europe!  Lot of fun and we’ve learned a lot.  We’ll see how many more we can do.

2023 Portugal

2023 Netherlands

2022 Alsace & Berlin

2019 Catalonia

2019 Corsica

2018 Andalucia

2018 Provence

2017 Burgundy

2016 Languedoc

2012 Scotland

We have also done some extended tandem trips in North America:  Alaska/Yukon, British Columbia, Eastern Oregon as well as a bunch of trips closer to home.  Thinking about another PNW trip for 2024.

Among the 135,000 miles I’ve ridden in the last decade are  some epic  trips on single bikes, too:  Tibet, Pakistan,  Kashmir,  Mallorca., for example.

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