European Tandem Tours

That’s us in 2023 at Birds & Bicycles in Castro Verde, Portugal.


While planning for Scandinavia in 2024 I realized that we had done ten tandem trips to Europe!  Lot of fun and we’ve learned a lot.  We’ll see how many more we can do.

2023 Portugal

2023 Netherlands

2022 Alsace & Berlin

2019 Catalonia

2019 Corsica

2018 Andalucia

2018 Provence

2017 Burgundy

2016 Languedoc

2012 Scotland

We have also done some extended tandem trips in North America:  Alaska/Yukon, British Columbia, Eastern Oregon as well as a bunch of trips closer to home  – and we just completed  another PNW trip in the spring of 2024.

Among the 135,000 miles I’ve ridden in the last decade are  some epic  trips on single bikes, too:  Tibet, Pakistan,  Kashmir,  Mallorca., for example.

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