CBC candidate statement

CBC candidate statement

Cascade Bicycle Club, and especially events like STP and Chilly Hilly, is part of what makes Seattle “Seattle”.  Cascade is an important voice on important issues and we need to ensure the effectiveness and credibility of that voice as we undergo national political climate-change.  I have the financial and non-profit experience that Cascade needs as it deals with internal and external change.  When the community needs something you’re able to give it’s hard not to contribute, and I’m convinced that now is the time for me to step up.

When both the board and the management of an organization are strong, everything the board does falls into one of three categories:  fundraising, oversight and strategic planning.  When a board is weak, staff starts doing those things.  When staff is weak, boards get involved in things that they aren’t well suited for.  The Cascade board needs to make sure that its strategy is well thought out and well communicated; it needs to make sure that there are adequate resources to execute the plan, and it needs to ensure accountability by monitoring progress against the plan.

You should elect me to the board of Cascade Bike Club because I am knowledgeable and care about Cascade and about the issues, and because I can bring to bear a valuable set of skills and experiences and an understanding of the board’s fiduciary responsibilities.  Eben Weiss of The Bike Snob would call me a “retro grouch,” even though I’m relatively social and ride a fixie. My professional colleagues would call me a change agent and simultaneously note that I am remarkably consistent. I’d tell you that I am a CPA with an MBA from Columbia University. I’ve served as CFO of both public and private companies.  I’m the Chief Operating Officer of Navos – a large non-profit community mental health agency.  Over the last 25 years I’ve worked with non-profits as treasurer, director, manager and auditor.  I’ve been a director/officer of organizations including The Mountaineers and Washington Trails Association as well as charitable funds like The Mountaineers Foundation and the Environmental Fund of Washington. I have a lot of experience at the intersection of recreation and environmental advocacy. I have a lot of experience in organizational governance and financial reporting. I’m excited to be part of the future of the club.  I’m prepared to volunteer for a stewardship role at Cascade.  I’d be honored if you voted for me.

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