Pharoah Sanders – Estival Jazz, Lugano

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SBD quality jazz show

Pharoah Sanders Group


Auditorio RSI

18 september 2004


01 – Sun in Acquarius (28:31)

02 – Kazuko (17:12)

03 – The creator has a master plan (08:03)


01 – Bedria/Boffadem/Country Mile/The creator has a master plan (48:34)

02 – Dorita (06:20)

Pharoah Sanders: tenor sax

Orrin Evans: piano

Matt Garrison: bass

Will Calhoun: drums, percussions

Artwork included. Titles and tracking questionable.

This one is especially meant for el-lixir, a Pharoah connaisseur; hopefully carville will enjoy it too.

Another special dedication goes to all the other fine folks who are filling EZT with the cosmic Ra vibes, you know who you are! Keep ’em coming…


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