Bailey Gear List

The Bailey Traverse (Olympic
National Park)
Gear List
Summer 2010
Carrie’s Pack Alex’s Pack Jerry’s Pack
Sleeping bag Tent bivey sack
Sleeping Mat Sleeping bag/blanket sleeping bag
2 fuel canisters Sleeping mat foam pad
Rain jacket Stove back-up stove
Rain pants 2 Fuel canisters 4 Fuel canisters
2 Water bottles and/or 1 bottle/1 bladder Water filter steripen, extra batteries
Cup Poles light rainpants
Spoon Rain jacket shell
Bowl Rain pants cup
2 pans for boiling/cooking 2 Water bottles bowl
Map Cup spoon
Head lamp Spoon route descriptions
Bug juice Map maps
Sunscreen Head lamp headlamp, extra batteries
Hat Compass compass
Thermal pants bandana/hat bandana
Thermal top Thermal pants hat
Pants Pants fleece pants
Tshirt 2 pairs socks 2 wool socks – 3 liner socks
Underwear Tshirt polypro long-sleeve top
Fleece Thermal top sunscreen
Jacket Underwear bug juice
2 pairs socks Jacket soft-shell jacket
Garbage bag First Aid kit garbage bags, cable ties
Ice ax Garbage bag matches, candle
Crampons Ice ax crampons
Hand warmers Crampons ice axe
Gloves Batteries for headlamps and GPS parachute cord, leatherman
Tea packets Hand warmers camera – spare batteries
Oatmeal packets Gloves gloves
4 freeze dried foods 4 freeze dried foods 8 single serving freeze dry
Cup of Soup packets PB crackers 8 oatmeal
9 Cliff bars Nut mix 8 mojo clif bars
3-5 Gummy snacks Dried Fruit 8 fruit bars
Baseball cap 3-5 Gummy snacks 8 portions – cashews
Sunglasses Snacks 8 snacks
Toothbrush Glasses/sunglasses balaclava
toothpaste Toothbrush toothbrush / toothpaste
eye drops Sanitizer 3 pulleys
chapstick Climbing harness w/locking carabiner climbing harness w/ locking carabiner
Sanitizer 1 foot prusik prusiks, chest harness, hero loop
Clean Wipes 1 chest harness 2 runners. 6 carabiners
Climbing harness w/locking carabiner 2 hero loops pickets – fluke
1 foot prusik Bear canister bear canister
1 chest harness Water proof matches rope
2 hero loops pocket knife
Bear canister picket
Iodine tablets helmet
Camera Camera
Pocket knife

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