Your Campsite

Many of our campground are commercial sites where we have access to running water, flush toilets and hot showers. However some evenings will be in government run campgrounds in State or Provincial Parks, National Forests, etc. These later campgrounds tend to be simpler with outhouses or basic bathrooms with running water.

Each campground will assign Pedalers sites for our use and in most cases we will be setting up at least two tents per assigned spot. We ask that guests stick with our assigned spots and not infringe upon our neighbors by setting up elsewhere.

Some campgrounds have coin operated showers, cost for which will be the guest’s responsibility (allowing you to shower as long or short as you wish).

Our Crew Area

Your guides will be setting up a “dining/relaxing” area in camp each night near where the support vehicles are parked. We will have folding chairs available, canopies if the skies look rainy and can wrap the whole thing with mosquito nets if the little devils are pesky.

But guest should be aware that this is NOT a quiet area, as the crew has to break down the kitchen every night, then set it up again in the morning. We do not advise setting your tent up nearby if you want a quiet night’s sleep.


Our trip travels through country inhabited by bear, with both Black and Grizzly Bears. For the most part, the bears could care less about us and give us plenty of berth, but like most animals the smell of human food is enticing.

We have strict rules regarding snacks and toiletries for which guests should be prepared. No food or toiletry items are to be taken into or stored inside your tent! After ride snacks should be eaten outside your tent. Guests should bring a small ditty bag to keep their power bars, gels, drink mixes, etc. This bag along with your toiletry bag should be stored at night in our Bear Box located in the back of the kitchen trailer.

More details and suggestions on dealing with Bears while cycling will be given out by guides during orientation at the start of the trip.

Eating Utensils and Dishes

We do not provide or use disposable paper or plastic eating utensils and plates for meals in camp. Guests need to bring their own eating utensils, plates, bowl, cup and kitchen towel. Our crew will set up a washing station after each meal for cleaning your personal items.

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