Klickfix Handlebar Mounts

From: Jerry Scott <jerry@obatik.com>
Date: June 4, 2005 6:55:57 PM PDT
To: klickfix@klickfix.com
To: asista@asista.de
Cc: sales@greyville.com
Subject: KlickFix handlebar mounts

I have a couple of handlebar bags that I bought from Mountain Equipment Cooperative (MEC) in Vancouver BC, Canada. The bags were manufactured by Serratus Mountain Products (or Pelion Mountain Products) which is evidently a subsidiary of MEC. The mounting hardware shows the RK mark (see photos) leading me to believe that you must at least have some knowledge of it.
I would like to buy a few of the mounts in order to switch the bags between bikes. I like this hardware better than regular KlickFix mounts because it is simpler and more secure. When I contacted MEC about buying the mounting hardware separately I was told by their customer service agents that their Serratus operation has been wound-up and that the products are now sourced from an importer. They did not know the manufacturer of the mounting hardware and could not refer me to a source.
Could you please quote me a price for three of these mounts? Alternatively, could you please refer me to some other business that offers them for sale?
I sincerely appreciate your assistance.
Jerry Scott