Abdullah Ibrahim – A South African Sketchbook

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Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim

Three Studio Sessions

Source: FM/TV>tape reels>CD-R

A. NDR Jazzworkshop

NDR TV Studio, Hamburg, Germany

8 March 1968

“A South Africa Sketchbook” – a suite in four movements

Dollar Brand – piano, soprano sax, flute

John Tchicai – soprano & alto sax

Gato Barbieri – tenor sax

Barre Phillips – bass

Makaya Ntshoko – drums

1. Hamba Khale (2:40)

2. Introduction (0:44)

3. The Aloe and the Wild Rose (14:12)

4. Introduction (0:35)

5. Portrait of a Bushman (7:36)

6. Introduction (0:26)

7. Jabulani (6:48)

NDR archives list this sesion which seems to have been filmed for TV as Jazzworkshop (40/68): A South Africa sketchbook: Dollar Brand 08.03.1968 Studio HH A4.

B. Copenhagen, Denmark – December 1969

Abdullah Ibrahim – piano

Palle Mikkelborg – trumpet, arranger, conductor

Radiojazzgruppen (Copenhagen Radio Jazz Group)

8. Tokai (solo) (9:56)

9. Tintiyana (15:29)

This session was broadcast by Danish radio on 20 December 1969 in their “Afterbeat” program.

C. Copenhagen, Denmark – November 1972

Don Cherry – trumpet

Carlos Ward – alto sax, flute

Abdullah Ibrahim – piano

10. Waya-Wa-Egoli* ->

The Pilgrim ->

Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro (10:55)

* Voiceover 0:18-0:54: Ibrahim and Barre Phillips talking and laughing about how relaxing it is to be in New York.

This session was broadcast by Danish radio on 23 November 1972 in their “Afterbeat” program.

Total time 69:21


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