Eastside Rail Corridor

All fall King county was busy telling us how they were going to open the southern section of the ERC and the mile of ERC between the 520 trail and the Cross Kirkland Connector by the end of the year.

So early in the morning on New Year’s Day I rode across the 520 bridge and picked up the ERC on 120th.  Despite what is shown on Google Maps, this is still BNSF track, not ERC.  They haven’t even removed the rails yet.  I rode it anyway, frosty conditions and all, and it will be nice when it is done.


When I got home I looked at their website and they’ve backed off the end-of-the-year stuff and are now saying “spring 2018.”  I can’t exactly tell what they’re planning, but it looks like you’ll be able to get onto the trail from the bike lanes on Northrup at the bottom of the hill below the old part of the 520 trail.  Next, we need to get going on the segment between Totem Lake and Wilmot Gateway.