15-mile rides

In October of last year I posted a list of 15-mile rides that I’d been doing because of the weather.

This year I was off the bike entirely for a week because of COVID and then it was cold and wet and Odette was still sick – so when I started up again I did a bunch of short rides.

One thing I noticed was that my repertoire had expended beyond Ravena and Wallingford. As much as I hate to admit it, the new PBL at Greenlake opens up some options – as does the light rail pedestrian bridge at Northgate. The RWGPS voice turn-by-turn and the bluetooth helmet makes it easy to remember street names.

Here are ten good loops (showing mileage / elevation) that each take about an hour and a half:

Wallingford (14.94 / 679)
Ravena (15.50 / 926)
Roosevelt (14.83 / 985)
Meridian (16.27 / 814)
Magnuson (14.72 / 832)
Third (16.97 / 874)
Blue Ridge (14.91 / 1152)
Woodlawn (15.25 / 763)
Stone Way (15.51 / 803)
Hamlin (16.73 / 870)