I’ve been having problems with Strava pausing rides and not resuming.  It seems like it mainly happens when going through the I-90 tunnel, but not exclusively. It seems much more frequent since I got a new phone last year.

I figured I’d rule out the possibility that it was a Strava bug in handling lost satellites by running a different tracker that could synch to Strava.  I intended to go back to Cyclemeter, but I would have had to pay for an upgrade and I wasn’t very motivated.  We are preparing to leave on a short trip to Mallorca and the routes came as an event on RWGPS.  It was nice packaging and I’m already familiar with the route planning part of the app so the learning curve was short.  I had to pay for an upgrade in  order to get voice turn-by-turn, but I’d upgraded with them before (to get offline maps & routes) so even that wasn’t a problem.

I’ve done eight or ten rides on RWGPS now, maybe four of them with turn-by-turn from an established route and the rest freeform.  It works, it posts to Strava for me, it hasn’t dropped the satellite once.