So last night as I was walking home from PNA I got hit by a car.  I was crossing Phinney at 65th, in the crosswalk, with the light, when a guy in a white SUV came up fast to the intersection and made a right turn without stopping.  He  knocked me down but  I got up, yelled at him , and banged on his hood – so he gunned his motor and hit me again.  I jumped sideways and as he went past he stuck his fist out the window and hit me in the face knocking off my glasses.  I was kind of shaken up but only my jaw hurt.

It was just over a month ago that I got hit on my bike crossing Blakely, in the crosswalk, by a woman in a minivan.  This is after years of riding lots of miles with no incidents.

Sometimes when it seems like everyone around you is an asshole, you have to ask whether or not it’s you.  I wasn’t being aggressive in either of these incidents, and both times I was paying attention.  I was wearing highly visible clothing both times (although that really shouldn’t have mattered.)   I don’t know – maybe it’s me, but I kind of think it’s just luck.