Book Keywords


climbing – all books about getting to the top of stuff
climb guide – "where to" guides
climb technique – "how to" books
climb gear – small number of books about hardware
climb literature – literature (mainly climbing narratives) about climbing, much of it away from the Cascades

hiking – all books about trails and puting one foot in front of the other
hike guide – "where to" guides
hike gear – small number of books about gadgets
snowshoe – books about hiking in the winter

biking – all books about bicycles
bike guide – "where-to" guides
bike tour – technique for multi-day bike trips
bike gear – hardware (mainly maintenance and repair books)

skiing – all books about glisse sports
ski tour – overnight ski trips
ski mountaineering – sumits on skis
ski technique – bend the knees, $5 please
ski gear – tuning, waxing, etc

mountain rescue – SAR
first aid – injury treatment
avalanche – snow slides

natural history – all books about the environment
plants – vegetable kingdom
animals – birds, fish, mamals, etc.

history – recorded (human) occurances
railroad – books about one of the driving forces of our regional history

geology – earth sciences
mining – extractive industries

photography – design and production of images
paddle sports – kayak and canoe

San Juans – islands in the north sound
North Cascades – pretty much north of Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier – the mountain you see from Seattle
South Cascades – south of Mt. Rainier
Eastern Washington – east of the crest (enchantments, chelan, teanneway, paseyten)
Olympics – the peninsula (national park, beaches, mountains)

Puget Sound – the metropolis

Mt. Hood – the mountain you see from Portand
Western Oregon – west of the cascades
Eastern Oregon – high desert
Wallowas – northeast mountains (eagle cap wilderness)

British Columbia – vancouver island to the rockies
Idaho – famous potatoes
California – left coast
Alaska – sourdoughs
Southwest – arizona, new mexico, utah

– excluding the russian far east
Himalaya – all of the big mountains
Latin America – mexico, central america, south america