ELK Sam Trail

Yesterday I rode the East Lake Sammamish trail again – the first time since the South Sammamish Segment A opened on January 17.  They did a good job on the trail, it is wide and smooth and attractively landscaped.  Now the only unpaved segment is the South Sammamish Segment B which is 3.6 miles long.  When the whole thing is done it will be much better than riding the parkway.

Most of the railroad right-of-way is 100 ft. wide, but the segment that isn’t done yet has a bunch of spots that are narrower than that.  I guess that it isn’t surprising that this was the last part to be done – some people are going to have to pay for special use permits and are still going to end up with a nice attractively landscaped trail running through their back yard.


Now, at the other end of the trail, in Issaquah, there is a major construction project that will have the trail closed until late 2018.  No detours, either, and the parkway where it goes under I-5 is no place to ride a bike.  If only they would provide a reasonable way across Gilman Blvd. I’d forgive them.