Ski Tours

Mt. Snoqualmie

Volken p. 52-64

Burgdorfer p. 166

Big open ridge visible from I-90

Try the slot couloir!

Good on a snowboard

Granite Mountain

Volken p. 20 – 24

Burgdorfer p. 174

Big open ridge visible from I-90

Good on a snowboard


Burgdorfer p. 170

Blair p. 118

Long trip in via Lake Ann – even longer via Olalie Meadows

Not a good snowboard trip

Red Mountain

Volken p. 44


Long flat approach – but I’d do it on a snowboard just for the descent


Volken p. 91

Long approach – not a good snowboard trip

Diamond Head

Burgdorfer p. 148

Blair p. 109

East side snow

better on skiis

Ruth Mountain

Long approach – better on skiis

Lots of avalanche tracks in the valley

Silver Star

Blair p. 149

not sure if this is a snowboard trip


ski the icecap!

strenuous approach – may be better under snow


Boston Basin

think of this as a daytrip – probably better on skiis

Sahale Arm

daytrip on skiis

Hidden Lake Peak

Smoot p. 61

supposed to be so good that Burgdorfer left it out of his book


short trip – ought to be good on a snowboard

Mt. Pilchuck

Burgdorfer p. 107

a conditioner – low elevation means do it early, long road says wait for access

Heather ridge

Burgdorfer p. 113

Blair p. 131

see it every time you cross Stevens pass


Blair p. 138

another abandoned ski area

Ingalls Peak

Burgdorfer p. 149

better on skiis

melts out early

Mt. Daniel

Burgdorfer p. 154

overnight trip – big mountain – snowboard?

McClellan Butte

Burgdorfer p. 175

Volken p. 27

low elevation

ski the chute?

Norse Peak

Burgdorfer p. 177

Blair p. 57

yo-yo the backside of the ridge

better with lots of snow

Silver King

Burgdorfer p. 179

Blair p. 61

Will can guide


Burgdorfer p. 189

late season

Snowboard ought to be okay

Tatoosh range

Burgdorfer p. 204

Blair p. 43

Plumber – Pinacle saddle!

Unicorn gully

snowboard ought to be okay

Muir Snowfield

Burgdorfer p. 206

Blair p. 36

late season

Snowboard okay

Mt. Adams

Burgdorfer p. 214


Mt. Saint Helens

Burgdorfer p. 217

Blair p. 91

do it the weekend before permits are required

Mt. Ellinor

Blair p. 208

short trip

Mt. Angeles

Blair p. 182

could be good