Wish List

Copper lake

Beckey #2 p 350

might take longer than a weekend

get to hike on a glacier

could go in & out over Headlee Pass

Mt. Daniel
Goldman p. 138

Smoot p 287

Beckey #1 p 193

camping at Peggys Pond

Ruth Mtn.

Smoot p 36

windbreaks for camping near the top

spectacular view of Nooksack Cirque

do as a day trip?

The Brothers
Goldman p. 237

Smoot p 369

long snow gully

could bring skiis

do as a day trip?

Doubtful Lake
Beckey #2 p 348

Hike over Cascade Pass

Explore Horseshoe Basin

Mt. Maude
Beckey #2 p 173

Smoot p 176

Art says it’s easy

Mt. Adams
Goldman p. 216

Smoot p 335

Did St. Helens

Could bring skiis

Twin Lakes

mountain bike to trailhead

could traverse to Blanca Lake

could traverse to Glacier Basin

Hidden Lake Peak
Smoot p. 61

Lookout on top

Popular hike

Scope it out for a ski tour

Mt. Index
Smoot p 156

Beckey #1 p 220

You see it every time you go over Stevens Pass

Lake Constance

Spectacular location

short steep rocky trail

Echo & Observation
Goldman p. 198

Beckey #1 p 131

Above Spray Park

cool tarn at snout of Flett Glacier

Steamboat Prow

Lot of elevation

Glacier travel

Bring skiis

Camp Muir

Lot of elevation

Bring skiis

Glacier Basin

Beckey #2 p 354

bike MonteCristo road 4 miles

short hike

explore relics

Royal Basin

talked about it for years

Leroy Basin
Beckey #2 p 359

Pretty basin

Art took Jo & Arthur

can hike up Mt. Maude

Necklace lakes
Beckey #1 p 336

East Foss River trail

lots of pretty little lakes

can climb up to La Bohn gap

Blanca Lake
Beckey #2 p 346

spectacular lake fed by Columbia Glacier

could scramble Keyes

see Majors & McCollum p 131 for a loop trip

Tuck & Robin Lakes
Beckey #1 p 343

Smoot p 223

supposed to be like a small Enchantments

Mt. Elinor
Goldman p 240

short hike – I think you can see back to Seattle

Rock Mountain
Beckey #2 p 362

short hike to the site of an old lookout

snowy creek trail

Mt. Dickerman
Beckey #2 p 361

short hike – probably the site of an old lookout