It’s really too bad that Seattle doesn’t have a group to advocate for the interests of cyclists.  I gave up on CBC when they sold out on the Burke Gilman missing link route,  but opening this event to electric scooters means I’m done with it.

It would be kind of funny if it wasn’t so sad…




Dear Jerry,

There’s no doubt that autumn has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Why not enjoy the season to its fullest by keeping active outdoors? The view of changing forest colors, dramatic fog, and that crisp fall air are reason enough to hop back into the saddle. However, we’ve got something to really motivate you to ride when the rain, the wind, and the cold might drive you to stay indoors: The Ride in the Rain Challenge!

Point System

Are you ready to ascend the ranks on the leaderboard? Let’s talk points! Points are granted for two modes:

    • Bicycling (outdoors)
    • Scooters

Yes, scooters! Seattle joins the growing list of cities in Washington with a scooter share program.

You get points for:

    • 10 points for your first ride of the day.
    • 1 point per mile
    • Additional points when you participate in select community-oriented events. Details to come!

We’ve also got some great prizes in the works and can’t wait to tell you more about it soon.