Kenmore – Monroe

Cycle University – Cascade Training Series: Kenmore to Monroe

0 Proceed north connecting with Trail to Riverside Dr. 50.5 L (South-West) onto Broadway Ave at Cathcart Store
3.9 Exit trail onto Riverside Dr to Woodinville (East), bc Woodinville Dr. 51 R (West) onto 172nd St SE
5.7 L (North-East) onto SR-202 [NE 175th St] 51.4 R (North) onto E Interurban Blvd, bc 168th, X Hwy 9 at top of hill, bc Interurban Blvd.
5.9 S Stay on SR-202 [NE 175th St] (East) 53.7 R (West) onto 180th St SE, then immediately turn RIGHT (North) onto W Interurban Blvd
8 L (North) onto 156th Ave NE, bc 75th Ave. SE, bc Bostian Rd. 54.7 L (South) onto 51st Ave SE
11.6 L (West) onto Paradise Lake Rd, SR-524 54.8 S Stay on 51st Ave SE (South)
12.1 At 22013 W Bostian Rd, Woodinville, WA 98072, return North-East on W Bostian Rd 56.3 R (West) onto 196th St SE, BC Jewell Rd
12.6 S onto SR-524 [Yew Way] 57.4 X Cross SR-524 [Maltby Rd], onto (South) 39th Ave SE
12.8 L (West) onto SR-524 [Maltby Rd], then immediately turn RIGHT onto Broadway Ave 58.8 S Stay on 39th Ave SE (South)
13.4 Continue Past Community Center onto Broadway Ave (north) 59 R (West) onto 228th St SE
18.4 L Lowell Larimer Rd. (North-West) 59.2 L (South) onto 35th Ave SE
21.8 S Stay on Lowell Larimer Rd (West), bc Lowell, bc 2nd. 60.1 R (East) onto Monte Villa Pky
25.1 R (East) onto Lenora St, bc Lowell Snohomish River Rd. , bc Lowell Snohomish River Rd continue until Snohomish. 60.4 Use trail to cut through to North Creek Pky. Caution, Walkers
31 L Avenue D 60.6 R (West) onto North Creek Pky (N)
31.1 R RIGHT (East) onto 1st St – rest stop 60.8 At 11740 N Creek Pkwy N, Bothell, WA 98011, stay on North Creek Pky N (West)
31.7 R (South) onto Lincoln Ave, bc Old Snohomish Monroe Rd 61.3 R (West) onto NE 195th St
33.8 S Stay on Old Snohomish Monroe Rd (East) until Monroe 61.6 L (South) onto 112th Ave NE, bc Beardslee Blvd, bc Main St.
39.6 R (South) onto SR-203 [S Lewis St] 62.6 L 102 Ave NE and cross river to Riverside Dr.
41.1 R (West) onto Tualco Rd 62.6 R Riverside and then onto trail back to Log Boom Park
44.1 R (North) onto High Bridge Rd 65.8 Arrive Log Boom Park
47.5 S Stay straight onto Elliott Rd (West)