Marcus Miller – Estival Jazz Lugano

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Marcus Miller

Estival Jazz

Piazza Della Riforma

Lugano, Switzerland

4th July 2008

Lineage: Soundboard > Reel-To-Reel > DAT > WAV > Flac Frontend (Level 8, align on sector boundaries) > Flac > Adobe Audition CS6 (volumes raised by 11-13 dB, partly re-tracked) > TLH (fixed SBEs)

Excellent Sound Quality


1. Pluck (Interlude) / Blast [10:40]

2. Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder) [7:25]

3. Jean Pierre [17:15]

4. Panther [9:08]

5. When I Fall In Love [9:17]

6. Power [5:52]

7. Boomerang [7:53]

8. What Is Hip? [8:29]


Marcus Miller – Bass, Bass Clarinet, Vocals

Alex Han – Alto & Soprano Saxophone

Jason “JT” Thomas – Drums

Federico Gonzales Pena – Keyboards


From his official website:

Question to Marcus Miller:

What is your opinion about bootlegs?

Answer from Marcus Miller:

Eric Clapton told me that bootlegs are a by-product of success.

I guess this is true. Especially when I know that, when I was a kid,

I probably would’ve bought some bootlegs myself – if I’d known where to find ’em!!

Even so, when I’m performing, we have security guys out there nabbing cats with digital recorders.

We’re not going to make it easy for them!!!

A SwissBird, SimplexSimplicissimus & superMAX release.

First uploaded to Dime by Simplex in July 2008.

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Thanks also to DeXonDAZ!

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