I-90 Trail

Another bit of progress on eastside trails. (I’d seen the land use signs last year but didn’t realize that they’d made this much progress:)

There will be a tunnel where the trail goes under the 405/I-90 ramps (which allows them to widen the Factoria Blvd exit from eastbound I=90.)  There will be a bridge over Factoria Blvd and then the trail runs on the North side of 136th up to 150th.  At that point it cuts over to the South side of I-90 until the existing pedestrian bridge where it moves back over to Northrup Way.


They’re building the bridge now – they don’t have money for most of the trail sections so we’ll see when that materializes.  I’ll likely continue to ride the street, but the bridge over Factoria Blvd will be nice.

Here’s a link to the construction alert and here’s a link to the Bellevue capital works write-up.

here is my (old) I-90 writeup

here are selected rides starting at the I-90 tunnel