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Sugino Autex Self-Extracting Crank Bolt

Please Note: This item is no longer available from Sugino and our inventory is gone but several other companies manufacture similar devices and they should be readily available from builders or retailers. We are leaving this file on line to illustrate how easy it is to remove cranks and we will replace the file when we stock a replacement device.


A self extracting crank bolt shown installed in a crank.

It is sometimes necessary to remove one or both cranks to fit a large frame or tandem in a case, . This device makes it possible to remove and reinstall the cranks in a matter of seconds using only a single 6 mm Allen wrench. No pullers or special tools are required to remove the cranks.

Sold in a package of two extractors (enough for a single bike). Suggested retail $10.95


Exploded view of the 4 components plus the crank and Allen wrench

Principle of operation

  • The bolt and washer hold the crank on the spindle in the same manner as an ordinary crank bolt. The difference is that a brass thrust washer and a (threaded) cap are installed in the arm after the bolt. There is a hole in the threaded cap that exposes the head of the bolt so it can be turned with the Allen wrench. When the bolt is backed out, a flange on the head of the bolt presses against the thrust washer and cap forcing the crank off the spindle.
  • The bolt and washers are held captive by the cap so there can be no lost parts when the crank is off the bike. To replace the crank you simply align the crank and tighten the bolt.


  • Allows fast removal of crank (about 30 seconds per crank).
  • Allows for more and safer packing options.
  • Allows very large bikes (including some tandems) to fit into airline legal cases.
  • Makes packing any bike easier.
  • Makes the difficult job of crank removal easy.
  • Eliminates the need to use and carry special tools.

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