Interurban Century

Interurban Century (actually closer to 110 miles)

  • Home to 145th via Dayton
  • Inturban trail to 41st in Everett
  • right on 41st
  • right on S 3rd Ave => S 2nd Ave
  • left on Lowell-Snohomish River Road
  • left on Airport Way
  • right on 1st street
  • right on Lincoln Ave => Old Snohomish Monroe Rd => Main St.
  • right on SR203 (Duvall-Monroe Rd) over Snohomish River bridge
  • right on Tualco Rd => Crescent Lake Rd
  • Left on High Bridge Rd => Snoqualmie Valley Rd NE
  • left on Ames Lake Carnation Rd => Carnation Farm Rd
  • right on SR 203 (Carnation-Duvall Rd) across Tolt River and right after Macdonald Memorial park
  • right on Tolt Hill Rd
  • left on Snoqualmie River Rd NE => E main => Snoqualmie River RD SE
  • right on 24th
  • left on 309th => 308th
  • right on Redmond Fall City Rd
  • Left on Duthie Hill Rd => Issaquah Fall City Rd
  • left on Highlands Dr. NE
  • follow signs to Preston (through tunnel) and take Sunset Way ramp
  • right on SE Newport Way (jog left at Maple)
  • right on 150th,
  • left on 36th to Richards Road / Factoria Blvd
  • I-90 bike trail to Lake Washington Blvd
  • Arboretum bypass to Burke Gilman trail
  • Home via Freemont hill

Route Map