Lake Washington Trail

The Lake Washington Trail is a short series of trail segments and frontage roads next to I-405 from I-90 to Gene Coulon park. When the county buys the BNSF right-of-way the trail here will run on that and the intermitant stuff next to the freeway will be superceeded. At the north end this trail connects to the I-90 trail . At the south end you can ride on out to Park and make a right to 6th to continue around the Lake Washington loop (and connect with the Cedar River Trail ) or you can cross the road and the tracks and ride Houser Way and 8th to Garden Avenue to achieve the same effect.

Eventually there will be a dedicated trail link between the Gene Coulon Park and the Cedar River trail.

There is an intersection in Factoria with a trail up Coal Creek Parkway that takes you to Issaquah.

The surface of the trail segments has been planed down several times but it is still very bumpy from roots. The turns are too tight where you go under the railroad tracks (at Coal Creek) and where you go through the fences to get to the streets. There is a lot of up and down that you wouldn’t expect from a lakeside ride. All in all it will be a major improvement to move this trail onto a railroad grade.

This trail is a component in the Lake Washington Loop – here are the North loop and the South loop .

There are a couple different ways to ride the North loop through Bellevue.  Here is a ride made by combining two of the alternatives into a 12-mile sub-loop.