In 2019, on a trip to Corsica, I rushed through security in CDG and left my iPad at the conveyor.  At the time I wrote this:

We caught another early morning cab to the airport where Delta checkin was surprisingly organized and efficient.  We sat at the gate for an hour and then boarded (exit row seats again) and I discovered that I’d left my iPad at security.  (It was a first generation wifi only iPad, so no great loss, but I’d been using it as storage for all of the Visa receipts we’d collected on the trip and when that bill comes I will regret having lost those.)  The flight was uneventful.


A few months later I got a letter from the Paris gendarmerie informing me that they had my iPad and that I could retrieve it downtown during limited afternoon hours on weekdays.  I figured I was done with it.

Then, in 2022 while sitting in the airport in Madrid, I got this email:

Activation Lock is requesting your password on Jerry’s iPad (iPad Air 2).
Find My iPhone includes Activation Lock which requires your Apple ID and password or your device passcode before anyone can reactivate and use your device. If you are setting up this device, simply enter your Apple ID and password in the fields provided.

Maybe they cleaned out the lost & found at gendarmerie central?  In any event, somebody must have plugged it in and discovered that they needed a password to get into it.

I went into the find my app and added my phone number to the login screen so we’ll see if I ever hear anything.