From: Lucia – Cycle Fiesta
Date: Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 4:35 AM
To: Odette Batik


Hello Odette,

Below you can find the invitation link to access your complete info pack:

I also attach few PDF files with useful contacts ( such as hotels & addresses), general information, itinerary, points of interest & history notes, restaurant recommendations for evenings. Please feel free to print these before the trip.

You can access the App via phone or computer ( if you access online on your computer, there are some additional/useful features like additional written information about places you stay and cycle through; photos, or export GPX files, print cue sheets, etc).

Once you log in ( if you have an account with Ridewithgps, just log in normally; if you don’t have an account – it will ask you to set one up):

* you can find itinerary, day by day rides, points of interests, additional info about towns and its history, general information, useful contact numbers and restaurant recommendations

* you can access each ride by clicking on ‘GO TO ROUTE’ and see where are the points of interest and read about them

* you can send ( or download) routes as files to your phone and then follow them offline

* you can download GPX files for your Garmin ( available only using web features)

* print customized PDF maps and cuesheets ( available only using web features)

Please note the software overestimates the overall elevation gain slightly, so the total amount of climbing is always less – once you look at altitude profiles, you will be able to see.

I hope you will find this App useful and easy to follow.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have cycling GPS for following the routes, but will use your phone instead,  you will need to bring a phone holder, that can be attached to the bike. If you don’t have one, we strongly recommend purchasing a phone holder before the trip.

Please let me know if you need a clarification regarding some detail or have any doubts.

Kind Regards,



MALV0711OB Itinerary


Restaurant recommendations

Useful contacts

History, climbs & points of interest villages

General Info