520 Bike Trail

(2019 update)

I don’t like the SR 520 Trail!  It’s too hilly.  And those hills always seem to come at the end of a long ride.  Why coujldn’t they have engineered it to stay on the same grade as the freeway?  Besides, it puts you out in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe it’s poetic justice: the SR 520 trail doesn’t even get a map or a description on the Redmond web page, but they are evidently reconfiguring the Eastern terminus:

SR 520 Bikeway Connection

Council awarded the construction contract for this project in their March 21st meeting. The contractor is Precision Earthworks, Inc. from Lynnwood, Washington.

The SR 520 Bikeway Connection will link the SR 520 trail terminus and the Sammamish River trail. Currently, the five foot wide sidewalk on Leary Way from West Lake Sammamish Parkway to the Leary Way bridge is the de-facto unconnected link which is inadequate to support the demands of a multi-use facility.

This project will replace the five foot sidewalk with a ten foot wide multi-use sidewalk/bike trail and link the two trails. Construction will commence April 3, 2006, and last approximately ten weeks.

CONTACT: Dennis Apland, Project Manager
PHONE: 425-556-2867
EMAIL: dapland@redmond.gov

At the South end things get sort of confusing but if you ride on down the hill to Northrup and follow that you’ll end up  intersecting the Lake Washington  Loop route on Lake Washington Blvd.  If you cross to the west side of Lake Washington Blvd where you’d otherwise make the turn to go North you can follow the SR 520 route out to Evergreen Point and take the bridge across at 84th to go to Clyde Hill and back down into old Main Street in Bellevue. This would be the route to bike lanes on a new 520 bridge – if it gets built and if it has bike lanes.