Interurban Green River

Here is a link to the green river trail on the King County website.  This trail meanders along the river dikes from Ft. Dent in Tukwilla to South of downtown Kent where it intersects the Interurban Trail  The route is only on streets a little way and those are almost entirely without traffic.  It goes behind office parks and warehouses part of the way and next to a golf course and condos for the rest.

East of the Interurban segments of the trail exist and there are plans to extend it and to connect it to the Cedar River trail.  Here is a cue sheet from Woods Southwest #96 for a ride back from the Algona Pacific end of the Interurban using the existing segments of the Green River trail where they exist.

  • In Algona, at the end of the Interurban trail, turn left on Third Ave.  Continue as the road bends left and is renamed Skinner Rd.
  • Turn right on Ellingson Rd, go under railroad tresstle and turn left to A Street SE
  • Turn right on 37th Street SE
  • Turn left on M Street and cross SR 164
  • Turn right on 3rd Street SE
  • When 3rd Street SE ends, turn left on R Street SE
  • Cross Main, turn right on 8th Street NE as R Street ends, and cross the Green River as 8th Street changes its name to SE 320th Street. (There is a sidewalk over the bridge, but on the other side the blackberries will chew you up.  better to claim your place in traffic so that you can get into the left turn lane right after the bridge.)
  • Turn left on 104th Ave SE
  • Turn left on SE 307th Place toward Green River Rd.
  • Continue on Green River Rd, bearing left at stop sign as 94th place comes in from the right.
  • There is a nice new trail (and trail bridge) next to the 277th overpass.  don’t be fooled – it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • Continue on Green river Rd. and turn left through bollards and big rocks on Green River Trail and continue under bridge
  • Turn left on S 266th Street as trail ends .  Go under railroad trestle. The road zigzags and is renamed 79th ave S, S 261st Street and 80th Ave S in quick succession
  • Turn left at stop sign on S 259th Street
  • Go under railroad trestle and turn right on Interurban trail

Combined with the Green River – Interurban loop this give you a flat 40 mile ride shaped like a figure eight.