2002 Cannonball

A snip from the route description for the 2002 Cannonball ride by the Redmond Cycling Club


0.0 Start at the west entrance of the I-90 Bicycle/Pedestrian Tunnel.

Take the bike path on the I-90 floating bridge.

2.2 Stay straight as bike trail leaves the bridge and branches (do not take the downhill hairpin).

2.45 Bike trail crosses West Mercer Way.

2.8 Bike trail forks – take left fork.

3.05 Left on North Mercer Way at stop light.

3.55 Left at stop light which is opposite a freeway off ramp (watch for oncoming traffic), followed closely by a right turn onto a trail which parallels the north edge of the freeway.

4.1 Stop sign; cross road.

4.5 The trail takes a jog left across North Mercer Way.

4.9 Take the bike path across the East Channel I-90 bridge.

5.4 Upon leaving the bridge path, take a left onto SE 34th St., followed by another left onto 108th Ave.

SE, which passes under I-90 and curves to the left.

5.75 Take the bike path which starts near the end of the cul-de-sac.

6.0 Take a right over the bridge when the trail branches. This is the Mercer Slough Trail, which parallels I-90. It consists of uneven concrete slabs.

6.4 The Mercer Slough Trail takes an abrupt right turn at 118th Ave. SE, bringing you to the south side of I-90.

6.46 Take a left across 118th Ave. SE (also called Lake Washington Blvd.) and enter the bike trail which goes through the Factoria Interchange.

7.0 The bike trail ends at Richards Road. Cross Richards Road and continue up SE 36th St.

8.5 SE 36th curves to the right before intersection with 151st Ave. SE. Take a right onto 151st Ave. and go uphill. Get into the left turn lane just before the intersection with Newport Way.

8.8 Turn left onto SE Newport Way.

9.9 Straight on at stop sign (intersection with 164th Way SE).

11.1 Straight on at stop sign (intersection with West Lake Sammamish Parkway).

13.5 Cross SR 900 at the traffic light, still on Newport Way.

14.0 Take a right at the traffic light, still on Newport Way.

15.0 Take a left onto Sunset Way, which goes through downtown Issaquah (the street signs say Mt. Park Blvd. on the west side of this intersection and Sunset Way on the east side). Go through downtown Issaquah on Sunset. Cross Front St. at the traffic light.

16.1 Enter I-90 on the Sunset Way on-ramp. Continue on I-90 for 258 miles.

274 Take Exit 276 (Bicycles Must Exit sign), followed by a left on Grove, crossing I-90. At the next stop sign, take a left onto Geiger Blvd.

275 FINISH at the Airway Express Inn.

Distance: 275 miles.

Elevation gain: Over 9200 feet.