I-90 Preston

The preston – snoqualmie falls trail takes off from the Preston Park & Ride and runs through woods above Preston – Fall City road. There is a trestle out so the trail makes a sharp turn and ramps down to the road. You have to follow the road back across a bridge and take a driveway route on the other side back to the road. You ride along the side of the narrow road for a quarter mile before finding steep unpaved switchbacks back up to the grade level. The turns are tight and the incline steep so you’re likely to walk this section. The trail continues on to the Lake Alice trailhead where you can leave the trail and ride on Lake Alice Road and Preston-Fall City Road to get to Fall City. If you stay on the trail for another mile you come to the river at Snoqualmie Falls. You can exit here on informal waypaths to get to the Snoqualmie Ridge Trail for the ride on into Snoqualmie and the connection with the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

Mountains To Sound Greenway description


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