Bailey Range Books

Olympic Mountain Rescue – Climbers Guide to the Olympic Mountains (3rd ed.)  Description of the traverse starts on p. 234.  Section on Olympus starts on p. 163.  Carrie is on p. 181, Pulitzer & Clild on p.183.  The scans are from Alexe’s newer edition.

Robert Wood – Olympic Mountains Trail Guide.  Description of the traverse is in an appendix on page 290.  Seven Lakes Basin trail is on p. 283, High Divide trail is on p. 284.  The Hoh river trail starts on p. 259.

Ira Spring and Harvey Manning – 100 Hike in the South Cascades and Olympics.  Descriptions of both the high divide trail and the Hoh river trail

Peggy Goldman – 75 Scrambles in Washington.  Section on the traverse starting on page 227.  Reads more like a marketing brochure than like a climbing guide.  Looking back it doesn’t seem inaccurate, though.

Smitty Parratt – Gods & Goblins – A Field Guide To Place Names Of Olympic National Park.  According to Parratt, Boston Charley was Billy Everett’s foster father and regularly paddled his dugout canoe across the strait of Juan de Fuca to sell turkeys in Victoria.

Robert Wood – Across the Olympic Mountains – The Press Expedition, 1889-90.  The guys who named the mountains.

Robert L Wood – Men Mules and Mountains – Lieutenant O’Neil’s Olympic Expeditions.  1885 incomplete reconnaissance of the northeastern olympics

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