Spider Gap Books

Beckey, Fred. Cascade Alpine Guide 2: Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass, Climbing and High Routes. Railroad Creek Trail on page 366. Phelps Creek Trail on page 363. Lyman Lake Trail on page 359. Climbing in this area is covered mainly on pages 166 – 171 (Red Mountain, Chiwawa, Dumbell, etc.) and on pages 173 – 1181 (Fernow, Maude, Copper, etc.) Bonanza starts on page 214.

Crowder, DF and Tabor, RW. Routes and Rocks, Hiker’s Guide to the North Cascades from Glacier Peak to Lake Chelan. Lyman Glacier High Route Page 197. Railroad Creek Trail Page 194. Phelps Creek Trail page 131. Climbing information (taken from the 1961 Beckey ) pages 206 – 219. Excellent chapter about geology of the North Cascades. Excellent map.

Kirkendall, Tom. Mountain Bike Adventures in Washington’s North Cascades and Olympics. See rides 48 & 50 on pages 175 and 183, respectively.

Mueller, Marge and Ted with photos by Kirkendall/Spring. Exploring Washington’s Wild Areas, A guide for Hikers, Backpackers, Climbers, Cross-country Skiers and Paddlers. See pages 138 – 152.

Post, Austin, Richardson, Don, Tangborn, Wendell and Rosselot, FL. Inventory of Glaciers in the North Cascades, Washington. Geological Survey Professional Paper 705-A.

Spring, Ira and Manning, Harvey. 100 Hikes in Washington’s Glacier Peak Region: The North Cascades. See hikes number 74 & 75 starting on page 174.

Sutliff, Mary. Entiat Country, A Guide to the Trails of the Wenatchee, Chiwawa and Entiat rivers. See pages 69 – 73 for Spider Meadow / Spider Gap.

Tabor, Rowland and Haugerud, Ralph. Geology of the North Cascades. This whole book is relevant, but see expecially pages 114 – 117.