Dutch Miller Books

Dutch Miller Gap


Manning – Alpine Lakes. p. 172 Waptus Pass. p. 232 – 233 crest trail. p. 168 Waptus River. p.166 Cooper River. p. 158 Spectacle Lake. p. 222 Dutch Miller Gap / L Bohn Gap (via middle fork trail). “For the main event, follow tread a long mile to a magnificent basin of cold little tarns set in granite bowls, of flower patches and waterfalls, and of the mineral outcroppings and diggings and garbage of Dutch Miller’s old mine – and of his recent helicoptering successors. Climb a bit more to the 5600-foot crest of La Bohn Gap (2 miles from the junction) and more tarns and views out to Bears Breast Mountain and down to Necklace Valley.”

Dreisbach – Seattle Outdoors. p. 144 – 145 – Dutch Miller Gap (via middle fork trail), Summit Chief, Williams Lake, La Bohn Peak.

Woodmansee – Trekking Washingon. p. 178 – 181 – PCT from Waptus Lake over Escondido Ridge and onto Spectacle Lake (southbound). “Beyond the Dutch Miller Gap Trail, the PCT climbs nearly 3,000 feet for the honor of traversing a mile or two atop Escondido Ridge before descending to Lemah Creek. Move up the ridge gradually on broad switchbacks. Putting the PCT over the top of Escondido Ridge was the result of a misplaced effort several years ago to put the PCT on the crest of something. This marginally useful trail has such a nonfunctional design that at times it is difficult to tell whether a switchback leads you up or down.”

Smoot – Climbing Washington’s Mountains. p. 269 Chikamin. p. 274 Lemah. p. 276 Chimney Rock. p. 281 Summit Chief. p. 283 Hinman (via La bohn Gap).

Becky – CAG 1. p. 177 Lemah. p. 179 Chimney Rock. p. 187 Overcoat. p. 189 Summit Chief & Little Big Chief. p. 191 Bears Breast. p. 203 La Bohn Peak. p. 335 PCT Spectacle Lake to Waptus Lake. p. 336 Dutch Miller Trail (middle fork) & La Bohn Gap Branch Route. p. 341-342 Pete Lake Trail & Spectacle Lake route. p. 346 Waptus River Trail (Dutch Miller Gap). “The Gap area is lush with alpine esoterica: floral and heather carpeting, unbelievable pools and drainage systems, all interspersed with boulders and a scattering of dwarf evergreens.”

Woodhouse – Historic Mines vol 1. p. 184 Dutch Miller Mine. p. 174 Dutch Miller – Seattle Boston Copper Claims. “The Forest Service trail #1310 that runs from Salmon La Sac to Waptus Lake to Ivanhoe Lake is a very gradual ascent to a point 1 1/2 miles past Waptus Lake, where switchbacks take you up an 800-foot elevation gain in only 1/2 mile as the crow flies. there is a stone-walled, wooden-roofed shelter at Lake Ivanhoe, with a top-of-the-world view of Bear’s Breast Mountain and many ridges.”