Holden Books

First, here is a web site: HOLDEN VILLAGE.

Then, here are some books:

Woodmansee, Mike – Trekking Washington, Seattle, The Mountaineers, 2003. “Across the Great Cascades and Back” (pp 134 – 143) covers much the same territory. (He would have you start at the Suiattle River trailhead, hike to Image Lake and over Cloudy Pass to Holden, then take the boat to Stehekin and hike out to Cascade Pass. This route gets in the Horseshoe Basin scenery but you have to do some kind of car shuttle.

Beckey, Fred – Cascade Alpine Guide 2 third edition, Seattle, The Mountaineers, 2003 . The “climbers bible” with route descriptions for the peaks and trail descriptions for the valleys. Check out his description of the Ptarmigan Traverse. Relevant entries are:

Plumber Mountain p 240
Cloudy Peak p 240
Northstar Mountain pp 239 – 240
Copper Peak p 197
Bonanza pp 232 – 239
Martin Peak p226 – 227
Agnes Creek Trail p 369 – 370
Lyman Lakes Trail p 382
Railroad Creek Trail p 383
Miners Ridge Trail p 387 -388

Spring, Ira and Manning, Harvey – 100 Hikes in Washington’s Glacier Peak Region Seattle, The Mountaineers, 1996. The classic hiking guidebook. Several of the listed hikes overlap this territory, including:

Image lake (pp. 48 – 49)
Suiattle River to lake Chelan (pp 50 – 51)
Lyman Lakes (pp. 226 – 227)
Agnes Creek – Lyman Lake Loop (pp 28 – 229

Darvill, Fred – Hiking the North Cascades San Francisco, Sierra Club 1982. These descriptions are less detailed and more idiosyncratic than those in Spring & Manning. Agnes Creek (“the worst section of the PCT between Manning Park and Stevens Pass”) p 266, Lyman Lake / Railroad Creek p 271 and Image Lake / Suiattle Pass p 273

Smoot, Jeff. – Climbing Washington’s Mountains Guilford CT, Falcon, 2002. The only thing in this part of the state interesting enough for Smoot is the route up Bonanza on p 97.

Crowder, DF and Tabor, RW. – Routes and Rocks – Hiker’s Guide to the North Cascades from Glacier Peak to lake Chelan Seattle, the Mountaineers, 1965. This is the real deal. Beckey refers to this book twenty times in the routes above. Check out:

Suiattle Pass Trail pp 46 -48
Image lake Alternate pp 48 – 49
Railroad Creek Road to Holden pp 186 – 188
Copper Creek High Route pp 191 – 192
Holden Lake Trail pp 193 – 194
Railroad Creek Trail pp 194 – 197
Lyman Glacier high Route pp 197 – 199

Adams, Nigel – The Holden Mine: Discovery to Production 1896 -1938. Wenatchee, WA State Historical Society, 1981. An 87 page pamphlet with extensive footnotes and some photos about the development of the mine at Holden. Apparently the author died on a camping trip while finishing his next book which was to have been about the production years. The manuscript was lost.

Penberthy, Larry – Holden Copper Mine: First Full Production Years 1938 – 40, A record in photos. Seattle, Penberthy, 1997. Penberthy was a graduate student who took a job at Holden in 1937 and worked there in the assay lab before going to work for Kodak. This is a collection of maybe 65 black & white photos taken in the village an in the mine in 1939 – 40. The images are spectacular and the text is minimal but interesting. I believe that this book was done for a miners reunion. Many of the photos are displayed in the mining museum at Holden.

Woodhouse, Phil and Northwest Underground Explorations – Discovering Washington’s Historic Mines Vol 2 – The East Central Cascade Mountains and the Wenatchee Mountains. Arlington, Oso, 2002. Quite a discussion on Holden pp 48 – 61. Most of the photos are by Penberthy – but they aren’t credited to him. No mention of the Kenecott properties or the Glacier Peak Mine on Miners Ridge. Minimal discussion of the Crown Point molybdenum mine.

Ream, Lanny – Gems and Minerals of Washington Third revised edition. Renton, Jackson Mtn, 1994. There is a mention of the Crown Point mine on p 132.

Wolcott, Ernest – Lakes of Washington Olympia, Dept of Conservation, 1964. Vol. I (Western Washington) Image Lake, Canyon Lake – p. 495. Vol. II (Eastern Washington) Lyman Lake (with a photo credited to Paul Bergman) Hart Lake, etc. – pp. 110 – 113