Devils Loop Books

Beckey, Fred. Cascade Alpine Guide 3: Rainy Pass to Fraser River. pp 196 – 200 for climbing route descriptions of Crater, Jack and Jackita mountains. pp 185 – 193 for really excellent commentary on geography, geology, and history of the area. Canyon Creek trail on p 387. McMillan Park – Jackita Ridge trail on p 400. Devils ridge Trail on p 393. Ross Lake East Bank Trail on p 403.

Coats, Sally O’Neal. Hot Showers, Soft Beds, and Dayhikes in the North Cascades, Section on Highway 20 is pp 28 – 51. Has info on lodging in Rockport and Marblemount. Doesn’t list Good Food. A little background on Newhalem and the Skagit dams. Talks about the East Bank Trail.

Darvil, Fred. North Cascades Highway Guide, highway log. Eastbank and McMillan Park trailheads on p. 7. Canyon Creek trailhead on p 8. Description of East Bank Trail (condensed from Hiking the North Cascades) p 42 – 43. Description of McMillan Park trail p 45 – 46.

Darvill, Fred. Hiking the North Cascades. McMillan Park and Devil’s park pp 324 – 327. East Bank Trail pp 161 – 164. Not much more than one guys’ trip in 1984.

May, Allan. Up and Down the North Cascades National Park. Good short sections on early inhabitants, explorers (Henry Ross hiked over Devil’s Dome in 1859), miners, and dam builders. P. 77 discusses the Ruby Mountain Tramway. East Bank Trail is on p 88.

Mueller, Marge and Ted with photos by Kirkendall/Spring. Exploring Washington’s Wild Areas, Pasayten Wilderness pp 270 – 281. Devils Ridge Trail and Jackita Ridge trail, both on p 276. Short descriptions, “big picture” map.

National Park Service, North Cascades, beautiful book, lots of color pictures

Pitzer, Paul. Building the Skagit, A Century of Upper Skagit Valley History 1870 – 1970 Miners. Homesteaders. Dam builders. Road builders. Good stories.

Roe, JoAnn. The North Cascadians Popular history and personalities. More coverage of the cities east of the crest than in her other books. Miners, dam builders, road builders.

Roe, JoAnn. North Cascades Highway, Story of road building with discussion of mining history, forest /park service, dam builders, etc. Some coverage of Ruby creek.

Spring, Ira and Fish, Byron. Lookouts, Firewatchers of the Cascades and Olympics. Photo of Devils Dome lookout on p. 23. More photos and text on pp 46 – 48. Says Devils dome was one of the hardest lookouts to reach in Washington – a 20 mile pack trip from the end of navigation on the Skagit.

Spring, Ira and Manning, Harvey. 100 Hikes in Washington’s North Cascades National Park Region. Crater – Jackita ridge – Devils loop is hike #43 on pp 115 – 117. East Bank Trail is hike #40 on pp108 – 109. Good info and pictures. Elevation doesn’t always agree with maps.

Suiter, John. Poets On The Peaks.  Gary Snyder spent a season in the Crater lookout and a season on Sourdough.  Jack Kerouac was just north at Desolation.  They all worked trail early in the seasons before they could get into the high country

Tabor, Rowland and Haugerud, Ralph. Geology of the North Cascades. Great text on geology of the area . Geologic points of interest include: Hidden hand pass p. 68. Devils Dome p 70. Crater mountain p 70. McMillan Park to Devils Park pp 71 – 72. Jackita Ridge p 72.

Wilcox, Kent. Hiking Whatcom County. Hike # 43 is to Crater Lake and the lookout. pp 84 – 85.