Edmonds Interurban

From the North, the interurban has to leave the railroad right of way at 226th, jogs around on 73rd and back on 228th in order to get around a substation built on the roadbed.  Interestingly, this is basically the perimeter of a thumb of Montlake Terrace that sticks into Edmonds.  A developer building east of the roadbed is being required to construct a trail to avoid the jog. (UPDATE – the develooper put asphalt in and the PUD connected it to to their driveway on either end so that as of 2009 you don’t have to make the job any more.  The alley in Edmonds is still unpaved .)

The Edmonds portion of the trail starts at 74th Ave. and 228th St. SW  – on the boundry between Edmonds and Montlake Terrace – just across from the substation.  The typical trail posts block off an overgrown, unpaved, alley which has big rocks and patches of sand waiting to grab your tires.

At the other end of the alley, past the “street closed” barricade, continue on 74th Ave to 241st St. where you make right.  At 76th Ave. W you make a left and go to 205th (SR 104) where you cross and pick up the trail again (on the left – behind the bus stop.)

Here’s some background