Navos Route



  • Head south on First Ave. NW.
  • turn left on 60th
  • turn right on Greenwood
  • take the first left onto 59th
  • take the first right onto Phinney (has a bike lane)
  • turn left onto 50th (at the light)
  • turn right onto Fremont (at the light)
  • Go down the hill (may have to stop for the light at 34th) and across the Fremont bridge (on the sidewalk)
  • Cross Nickerson (Westlake) and stay right. Go up the hill on Dexter
  • Go down the other side of the hill on Dexter and watch out for traffic at Mercer (there’s a light)
  • Cross Denny Way and turn right on Bell
  • Turn left on Second Ave. (there’s a bike lane on the left)
  • Turn right on Lenora.  Below First Ave take to the sidewalk to avoid bad cobblestones.
  • Avoid the cleats on the right side of the sidewalk.
  • Turn left on Western and ride down the hill to the waterfront.
  • Take the first right onto Pine heading under the viaduct
  • (alternatively stay on Western and turn right on James)
  • Turn left onto the Alaska Way bike trail
  • Alternatively just get on Alaska Way
  • Trail ends at Royal Brougham – continue south on Alaska Way (there’s a bike lane at this point)
  • Turn right on Spokane (take sidewalk / trail) and follow the trail to the approach to the lower West Seattle bridge (cross at the light, or if traffic is bad follow the trail further west and loop back under the approach to the bridge.)
  • Cross the bridge.  At the west end is the junction with the Alkai bikeway which takes off to the right.
  • Instead, go straight on the branch of the trail that comes out on Delridge
  • Continue up Delridge to Orchard – cross and turn into the Arco station – AM/PM minimart.
  • Exit from the back of the Arco and cross the street (may be Sylvan) into the Home Depot parking lot.
  • Bear left and exit the parking lot at the corner of Webster and 24th.
  • Take 24th to Holden
  • Turn right on Holden and ride up the (steep) hill to West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital for a total of just over 12 miles.

You could continue up Delridge to Barton to connect with the West Seattle Loop

On the ride northbound you can avoid the climb up from the waterfront through downtown to Dexter by keeping to Alaska Way and picking up the waterfront trail at Myrtle Edwards Park and following it through Terminal 91.  Turn right on Dravus and left on 15th to connect with Nickerson which will take you back to the route at the Freemont Bridge.  This variation adds about 3 miles for a 27 mile round trip.

Here’s the map

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