Lakeside Route




  • Head north on First Ave. NW.
  • Look both ways before crossing N 65th.
  • Jog left at N 73rd and continue north on First Ave. NW.
  • Turn right on N 80th (may have some traffic – 83rd works too but it doesn’t have a light to get across Greenwood).
  • Cross Greenwood Ave. at the light.  Go down the hill and take the first left onto
  • Dayton Ave. N.  Go north.
  • Cross N 85th at the light.
  • Cross N 105th at the light. (If you take the first right after 105th you’ll come to Fremont in two blocks and you’ll be right at the start of the Seattle segment of the Interurban trail.)
  • Turn right on N 125th (may have some traffic.  Cross the interurban half way down the hill.)
  • Cross Aurora Ave. at the light. Go down the hill and bear left on
  • Densmore Ave. N.  Ride to the "T" intersection at the end and
  • Turn right onto N 128th St.
  • When the arterial bears right you want to go straight
  • At the "T" intersection make a left onto First Ave. NE.
  • Cross N 130th at the light.
  • Turn right into the Lakeside Upper School driveway.
  • Ride laps around the circle until the odometer reads 5.0.

Note 1 – these directions work just fine in reverse.

Note 2 – ride shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.