2014 ETC Goathead Ride

Evergreen Tandem Winery Ride 2014

On September 6 & & Jerry & Odette joined eight other tandem teams in Yakima for a winery ride in the style of the old Goathead rides.

On the first day we rode about 50 miles and visited Hyatt, Two Mountain, Tanjuli, Wineglass Cellars, Owens Roe and Treveri.  On the second day we rode about 25 miles and visited Paradisio Del Sol, Cultura, Silverlake and Severino.  We found some wines we really liked – especially at Owens Roe and Paradision Del Sol.  This year we only bought 4 1/2 cases – a significant reduction from previous trips.

The first day we messed around a bunch and then had flats and bad directions so our iPhones ran out of battery and we only got partial maps.  Nobody was waiting at the parking lot when we got there and when we got to the restaurant for dinner we learned that the reservation had been changed – without anybody letting us know.  We eventually got our wine, though.    (The second day also suffered from bad directions but with the shorter ride we didn’t have a battery issue.)  Here are the maps from Day 1 and Day 2.

Here are the Garmin tracks:  day 1  /  day 2



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