2014 Flying Wheels

On May 31st Jerry and Odette rode flying Wheels with Carrie


This photo is from the top of the first hill – just after we got going again after being stopped by a broken chain.  (Note my greasy hands.)  Luckily I had a spare master-link and we were able to bum a chain tool from another rider.


We did the hundred-mile route and rode pretty strong (not as fast as the previous year but we were far from the last off the course.)  Carrie missed us at the second Carnation Farm rest stop and rode on ahead – we weren’t able to catch her before Marymoor which is a testament to how much faster she is now than on our LaConner ride earlier this spring.  The beer garden wasn’t anything elaborate but it was really welcome and the IPA was great.


Here are the CBC map and queue sheet.

Here’s a gallery of photos from the event.

Here’s Cascade Bike Club’s event email

here’s Odette’s Garmin record




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