2014 Lake Chelan

Memorial Day 2014

On the afternoon of May 23 Jerry & Odette drove to Chelan and had dinner at Wapato Point winery.  On Saturday the 24th they biked the Navarre Coulee loupe, passing through the tunnel while going downhill.  When they returned to Chelan they attempted to replicate a Chelan to Manson loop that they found on the internet but guessed wrong at some of the street names and did more of a figure-eight returning to the Manson highway sooner than planned.  They had the barbecue at Lake Chelan winery that evening.  On Sunday the 25th they drove to Coulee City and put gas in the car, then biked from Sun Lake state park to Grand Coulee Dam on farm roads (going through Hartline and down Grand Coulee Hill.  On the return along Banks Lake they stopped at the gas station in Coulee City for soft-serve with fake flavorings.  On Monday the 26th they had breakfast at the Apple Cup cafe (again,) checked out early, and drove to Leavenworth where they rode the Leavenworth – Plain loop before driving home over Stevens Pass. 180 miles in three days with enough climbing to work off the calories from eating out so much.

Here’s Odette’s Garmin record:

Not many photos, just these two from about 2/3rds of the way to Grand Coulee on the second day. (Compare these photos to this one from a weekend in April of 2007.)



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