2018 Mazama ride

On June 23 & 24 Odette and Jerry rode from Marblemount to Mazama and back with Kevin (and the Redmond Cycling Club.)

Celebrating 34thyear – 2Days, 150 Miles, and 11,600 ft. of Climbing

 This year’s annual Mazama Ride will begin in Marblemount on Saturday. We will ride 75+ miles on the NorthCascades Highway, climbing a total of 6800 feet over Rainy and Washington Passes, descending into the gorgeous Methow valley, ending our day at the Mazama Country Inn. After an overnight at the Mazama Country Inn, we head back west Sunday morning climbing a total of 4800 feet finishing back at the start!

Registration Information
Mazama cost is $160 per person (shared bed) or $210 per person (*single bed) as an RCC member.  If you are not an RCC member cost is $165 & $215.  Please considering signing uptoday and you would save $5 off of your registration fee! Your registration fee covers sag support, water along the course, on-route lunches Saturday and Sunday, lodging (ALL rooms are shared) Saturday night at Mazama Country Inn, a snack and beverages on Saturday afternoon, family-style dinner Saturday evening, and buffet-style breakfast Sunday morning. We carry your bags, so all you have to do is ride!

*Please note that all rooms are shared – the single option is only regarding the bed space

Cancellation Policy:  All cancellations prior to May 1 will get a full refund minus any web site registration fees.  After May 1 there will be no refunds due to the nature of confirming sleeping arraignments.  Any transfers of registrations will require approved from the Mazama event directors.

For more information please email mazama@redmondcyclingclub.org.

It was cool on Saturday and hot on Sunday.  We rode strong – we kept waiting for the steep part on the way to Rainy Pass and it never came.  This year there were three other tandem teams – all affiliated with Flying Bike Coop Brewery.  We weren’t the slowest tandem.

here are some photos

here’s the video  (look for us at 4:08 and 6:34)

here’s the event page

here is the flyer for the event:  Mazama 2018 Info Letter