Lord Stanley

We have returned from  our stay at the Lord Stanley.  I believe that you should be  aware that by no means  does this  represent an  upgrade  in lodging  compared to  the  Coast Plaza  Vancouver. I  am enclosing photographs from  the room in which  we spent the night. In  the end we used  the fold out couch (photo  is enclosed)-as the bed  was in a glass  enclosed room with minimal  ventilation. That chamber in which  the bed was located was even  hotter than the room with the  fold out sofa – (photo also enclosed). Please note the air cooling unit (set  for 22 C)- (registers 30 C) It appeared never to go below 28 C. – Unlike the Coast Plaza which has central air cooling, this unit relied on a very noisy stand alone unit that vented out the (cracked) window that did not close. Additionally, unlike the Coast Plaza there was  no wireless internet access – a feature important to  us as I had brought an iPad instead of a guidebook and had assumed that addresses for sites of interest could be checked over the internet. I have  stayed previously at the Coast Plaza an it is  quite frankly a much nicer facility.
I  wonder now what would have been the consequence of declining to be moved?
Odette Batik and Jerry Scott


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