2010 MS Ride

On September 11 & 12, 2010 Jerry and Odette joined Alex & Carrie for the Seattle MS Ride.


Alex & Carrie did the ride with a team from their gym in 2009 and loved it – especially the Chuckanut Drive portion of the second day’s route. Jerry enjoyed Chuckanut Drive on the RSVP and decided that Odette should experience it on a bike. She wanted to come back from the labor day trip early and Jerry resisted – eventually he suggested that they could skip riding on Monday if she would do the MS Ride the next weekend. She agreed. He didn’t realize the fundraising requirement. He decided to write a check. She put up a form at work and raised more than enough.

The week before the ride the weather deteriorated. In the end the rain held off on Saturday and the 92 mile loop was a really good ride. After about 50 miles Odette’s contribution tailed off significantly. Jerry bonked on one hill but rallied and and made it back to the fairgrounds. The second day the start was less of an affair and they announced “Team Burley” followed by the question – “What constitutes a team?” It rained about half of the ride and the decision was made to go for the 50 mile loop. Everyone looked like drowned rats at the finish.

Here is a gallery of my photos – almost entirely photos from the first day.

Here is a gallery of professional photos

map – day 1

map – day 2

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