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0/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

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Date of Stay / Services Provided: October 2 – 17, 2019 duration: 16 days

Address 1st Hotel: Hotel du Palais, 3 rue du Palais St Guilhem 34000 Montpellier Orientation: In person in the hotel lobby
Orientation Time: Friday, October 4th at 9:30am
Your Local Contact: +33 6 27 81 75 52

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period: 10/2019 main nationality: American

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Group Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Montpellier to Girona loop

Available: From 9am to 7pm
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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Country You Will Visit France

France is the world’s top tourist destination, with 83 million foreign tourists. Spread across the entire country, each of the main cities in Metropolitan France has its own international dimension and charm such as Bordeaux which is the world capital of wine, or Marseille which is the European capital of culture. France offers landscapes of exceptional beauty and amazing diversity in which there are 38 UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites ! But don’t forget leisure activities and prestigious cultural events that take place all over the country featuring the oldest and the most prestigious cycling race in the world: the “Tour de France”.


Spain is a beautiful and diverse country located in the southwest of Europe. This country of large geographical and cultural diversity, is often a surprise for tourists who are expecting to find a country mostly known for beach tourism. Travel to Spain and you will find everything, from green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in the Northern regions to almost desert zones in the South. Food and wine are national obsessions in Spain, and with good reason. You may experience the best meal ever over tapas in an earthy bar where everyone’s shouting. This is a country that lives very much in the present and there’s a reason why ‘fiesta’ is one of the best-known words in the Spanish language. It’s because life is itself a fiesta here and everyone seems to be invited. Perhaps you’ll sense it along a crowded post-midnight street when all the world has come out to play. Or maybe that moment will come when a flamenco performer touches something deep in your soul. Whenever it happens, you’ll find yourself nodding in recognition: this is Spain.


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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Region To Discover
Languedoc Roussillon / Midi Pyrénées

Located in the most southern part of France on the Mediterranean coast, the province of Languedoc is an area rich with scenic landscapes and a beautiful climate. It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south, and Provence to the northeast, the region provides visitors a lovely contrast of terrain to explore and countless activities in which to partake. There are rivers and lakes, with amazing thermal springs, ancient abbeys and cathedrals, castles and fortresses and so much more to explore, not to mention the incredible coastline with its gorgeous beaches for those seeking beauty and relaxation. There truly is something for everyone in Languedoc.


Protected from oceanic disturbances by the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, Languedoc and Roussillon are under Mediterranean influence. However, the effects of the Atlantic can be felt as far as the Lauragais, the upper valley of Agout and Aubrac. The Pyrénées-Orientales and the Cévennes have a mountain climate.”

Culinary Specialities

Authentic, Languedoc-Roussillon gastronomy offers spicy dishes, in which olive oil, vegetables, garlic and herbs are found, for typical Mediterranean dishes.
At the seaside, seafood pla ers topped with oysters, mussels and clams delight the taste buds. The other countless Mediterranean fish, sought after for their flavour, do the same: tuna, sea bream and sea bass.”


The spectacular beaches in areas such as the Costa Brava, its world-class gastronomy, and the works of famous artists such as Gaudí and Dalí all make this region one of Spain’s most popular destinations. You’ll find so many interesting examples of culture that you won’t even know where to begin: unique buildings in Barcelona (known as “the capital of Modernism”), the outstanding archaeological site at Tarraco, the churches of the Boí valley in Lleida… all declared World Heritage sites by the UNESCO. What’s more you can opt to enjoy a whole range of events thanks to the programme of world-class museums like the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres. The fact that this region is home to some of the best restaurants in the world is guaranteed to leave you with a delicious aftertaste. Why not try some of the traditional recipes such as “pa amb tomàquet” (bread with tomato) ?


Casa Batlo – Barcelona

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT


Île-de-France is a region in north-central France. It surrounds the nation’s famed capital, Paris, an international center for culture and cuisine with chic cafes and formal gardens. The city’s landmarks include the Louvre, home to da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” the iconic Eiffel Tower and Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral. Outside Paris, there are forests, grand châteaux and farms, including dairies that produce milk for Brie.


The climate in the Île-de-France region is described as altered oceanic due to these more pronounced annual temperature differences and lower precipitation compared to the ocean rim. It is fairly homogeneous over the region but impacted by the presence of an urban heat island in Paris for the minimum temperatures which are thus softened (+2°C on average annually compared to forest areas).
The Ile-de-France region has a mild, temperate and maritime climate.”

Culinary Specialities

When gastronomy became the 8th art, the great names in French cuisine had their addresses in Paris. Parisian cuisine is world-renowned and widely valued. Some restaurants look for the finest and freshest ingredients. Many products sold in the city’s grocery stores and markets and on menus grow on the rich cultivated land surrounding the capital.”

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Places You Will Visit Montpellier ¬

With its elegant buildings, private mansions and stately boulevards, Montpellier is a quietly stylish metropolis with a hint of Barcelona about its old quarter and shady backstreets. Unlike many southern towns, Montpellier has no Roman heritage. Instead it was founded in the 10th century by the counts of Toulouse, and later became a trading port as well as a scholarly centre (Europe’s first medical school was founded here in the 12th century). Walking through Montpellier’s historical center is like travelling through 1,000 years in time. The Place de la Comedie is Montpellier’s main square crowned at its southern end by the elegant 19th century Opera house. This is the place to sit and sip a coffee in one of the main cafés which line the place. From natural sites to ruins to regional product factory tours, there’s plenty of things to do and places to see in Montpellier ! Among the sites not to be missed include The Arc de Triomphe, Royal Peyrou plazza, Place de la Canourgue, Fabre museum, St Pierre Cathedral …

Villeneuvette ¬

Villeneuvette was a former 17th century royal sheep factory whose mo o was “honor in working” ! Nowadays, Villeneuvette is an atypical and timeless village. Take advantage of this atmosphere to visit the village, to stroll around under the shade of the plain trees, and discover the old hydraulic network, and the bridge of Love and its legend.

Trèbes ¬

Trebes was an ancient roman military camp that became an agricultural village. Have a look inside the church, the roof top is simply amazing, the structure uses 320 painted oak trees ! These paints were made in the 14th century and are still visible because the church uses to have another roof underneath this one.

Cucugnan ¬

At the foot of Quéribus Castle is the picturesque village of Cucugnan, enhanced by its se ing in the vineyards. You may dawdle along the alleys and steep streets leading from the windmill to the fortified door, passing by the church to the Achille Mir Theatre. The visit holds many surprises, as for example the windmill still active, St Julien church and what is particular about Ste Basilisse is the surprising 17th century statue of the virgin, represented as being pregnant, and also another history of the Cucugnan priest.

Town hall

The relics of the Old Royal Factory

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Olot ¬

Olot is the city of volcanoes, located in the protected Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa, the most important of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the main sites in Europe. The medieval buildings that made up this town were destroyed in the 1427 and 1428 earthquakes. At present, the most remarkable feature of the city is its intense cultural and artistic life. Olot still preserves some interesting monuments, like the parish church of Sant Esteve, from the 18th century, which has the Baroque altarpiece of El Roser; the sanctuary of Mare de Déu del Tura, from the late 18th century; the cloister of El Carme; and the old hospice, which is the present site of the Regional Museum, with a magnificent Modernist painting collection. The town also has many noble mansions, such as the houses of Solà-Morales, Vayreda, Trinxeria, Bolòs and Ventós.

Sant Feliu de Pallerols ¬

In the south of La Garrotxa, right in the middle of La Vall d’Hostoles, is the municipality of Sant Feliu de Pallerols. It is split by the river Brugent, a tributary of the Ter, and the area also has more than 40 springs. The north of the municipality forms part of the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and it is full of woods of holm oaks and common oaks. The south forms part of the Collsacabra Area of Natural Interest, with woods of Atlantic and Central European types of trees (beech, common oak, birch, chestnut, etc). Sant Feliu de Pallerols’ highlight include its parish church, the chapel of Nostra Senyora del Roser, Sant Iscle de Colltort church, Sant Miquel de Pineda church, Ntra. Sra. de la Font de la Salut sanctuary, the chapel and the medieval bridge of Sant Sebastià, the chapel of Santa Cecília, Glaç well, the river Brugent and the old centre of the village.

Girona ¬

Girona is a city on a human scale with all the charm of a larger city. Take a leisurely stroll through the old town, visit the museums and the historic buildings, wander through the streets and squares, and discover the tourist a ractions, festivals, restaurants, cultural events, etc. Enjoy it at any time of year and, if you can, come back again and again ! This lively city will always hold something in store to delight you. Girona offers spectacular images of steep alleyways, porticoed streets and squares and, above all, the brightly painted façades of the houses overlooking the Onyar (the river that crosses the city) which provide the most emblematic image of the city. One of these houses is Casa Masó, which is open to the public. Of particular interest among the bridges that span the river are the slender and lightweight Gómez bridge and the Palanques Vermelles bridge (1827), which was built by the Eiffel company. Places of interest : The Museum of Cinema Tomàs Mallol Collection ; Old Quarter of Girona ; The Art museum of Girona ; The Cathedral and The Devesa Park which is one of the largest in Catalonia. The Municipal Theatre located in a 19th-century coliseum among the most interesting in Catalonia.

Cassa de la Selva ¬

Only 12 km from Girona, the provincial capital, and nestling in the foothills of Gavarres, the old town boasts a sixteenth century Gothic Church, and the centre of the town itself is characterized by neoclassical, modernist and eclectic styles built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The adjacent hills, in the past an area of intense livestock and forestry work, is now an area where residents and visitors go hunting, collecting mushrooms, mountain biking or hiking.

Place of interest : The Parc Art ( h p://www.parcart.net/ ) Specific and sculptural works are presented in this Art Park, within the privately owned grounds of Cassa de la Selva. Artists are invited to choose the locations of their own works. Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm. Sundays and holidays from 11am to 2pm. Admission fees are 7€ for Adults, 4€ for children.

Girona Nightlife

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Llagostera ¬

Llagostera offers the tranquillity and beauty of a natural environment among the protected areas of the Gavarres and the Cadiretes Massif. Llagostera has an important architectural heritage part of which, as it is the case of the Wall, has been listed as Item of Cultural Interest. A walk through the old quarter of Llagostera allows visiting a number of buildings of historical interest as the parish Church of Sant Feliu, the Castle and the viewpoint of the Plaça del Castell, from which there’s a panoramic view of Les Gavarres and the pre-Pyrenees. Along the streets of the centre of Llagostera there are many Modernist and Noucentist style buildings, as well as others built during the economic boom derived from the cork industry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Sant Feliu de Guixols ¬

Sant Feliu de Guixols is an old fishing village and still preserves an important historical heritage. The Benedictine Monastery is the most important heritage site in the town. It preserves important features such as its 10th century Romanesque Porta Ferrada, which has become a symbol. Mare de Déu dels Àngels church and Fum and Corn towers are also part of the building, which houses the History Museum of the town. Sant Feliu de Guíxols grew up around the monastery and was developed later at the other bank of the Monastery stream. Apart from the monastery, the history of the town left an important architectural heritage, which was based on the cork industry. We find examples such as the Modernist houses at Sant Pol beach or the stately homes at the seafront promenade, like Casino La Constància or Sant Elm Hermitage because of its spectacular viewpoint over the Costa Brava. Sant Feliu is characterised by its peaceful population and its quality of life. The town is full of identity, which we find in its special corners, like the local market. It provides fresh and quality products and offers a local trade in a welcoming atmosphere.

Figueres ¬

Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador Dali and home to the Dali Museum, one of the most visited Spanish museums. Not surprisingly, it is the place for the lovers of fine art. Close to the border with France, this Catalan city offers great food, wine, and beaches. Figueres is just 15 minutes by car or 25 minutes by train from the beaches of Costa Brava. Not as touristy as Barcelona, the city offers a relaxing atmosphere, quiet cafes, an historic Old Town and square, and even a castle.

Valras Plage ¬

This traditional fishing village located at the mouth of the River Orb has preserved all its charm of yesteryear with the sea front, its beautiful villas from the early 20th century, its traditional covered market and casino.
Valras-Plage is now a modern seaside result with first-rate tourist facilities, a wide range of sea sports and numerous events. Far from the concrete tourist megalopolises, Valras-Plage remains a harmonious and lively town and a great place to stay.

While fishing and swimming in the sea were dear to the Duchess of Berry here in the 19th century, and made the name of Valras-Plage, leisure activities have helped it develop.

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT


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Itinerary Map

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Tour Manager: John Sessa


DAY 1: Montpellier 02-Oct-2019

Night at Hotel du Palais. Montpellier

DAY 2: Montpellier 03-Oct-2019

Night at Hotel du Palais. Montpellier

DAY 3: Montpellier – Villeneuvette 04-Oct-2019
Orientation: In person in the hotel lobby

Orientation Time: Friday, October 4th at 9:30am

Our local guide (French native & English speaking) will meet you at your hotel according to the time we will plan with you. He will bring your road-books, GPS and touristic information.

An expert of the region, you can ask him all the questions you have about your trip.

Hotel Night at Hotel de la Source.


DAY 4: Villeneuvette – Siran 05-Oct-2019
Hotel Night at Chateau de Siran.


DAY 5: Siran – Trèbes – The citadel of Carcassonne 06-Oct-2019

Night at Hotel Montmorency. Carcassonne

DAY 6: The citadel of Carcassonne – Saint Pierre des Champs – Cucugnan 07-Oct-2019
Guest house

Night at the Guest House la Tourette. Cucugnan

DAY 7: Cucugnan – Amelie les Bains 08-Oct-2019
Hotel Night at Grand Hotel de la Reine Amelie*** – Amelie les bains

Amelie les bains

DAY 8: Amelie les Bains – Olot 09-Oct-2019

Night at Hotel Can Blanc. Olot

DAY 9: Olot – Sant Feliu de Pallerols – Amer – La Cellera de Ter – Anglès – Girona 10-Oct-2019

Night at Historic – Girona. Girona

DAY 10: Girona 11-Oct-2019

Night at Historic – Girona. Girona

DAY 11: Girona – Cassa de la Selva – Llagostera – Sant Feliu de Guixols 12-Oct-2019
Hotel Night at Hotel Barcarola.

(Your hotel is located in the municipality of Sant Feliu, few meters from S’Agaro)

Sant Feliu de Guixols

DAY 12: Sant Feliu de Guixols – Llagostera – Cassa de la Selva – Figueres 13-Oct-2019

Night at Hotel Ronda. Figueres

DAY 13: Figueres – Le Barcares 14-Oct-2019
Hotel Night at Hotel de la Plage** – Barcares

Le Barcares

DAY 14: Le Barcares – Valras Plage 15-Oct-2019
Hotel Night at Hotel Albizzia*** – Valras Plage


DAY 15: Valras Plage – Montpellier 16-Oct-2019

Night at Hotel du Palais. Montpellier

DAY 16: Montpellier Roissy 17-Oct-2019
Hotel Night at Hotel Ibis Paris CDG Airport – Paris.


Wednesday 02-Oct-2019 : Montpellier

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10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Bienvenue en France,
We are delighted to be a part of your adventure ! Enjoy your trip.

Arrival in Montpellier (transfer on your own to the hotel), you will visit by foot some of the most beautiful sites of the city. Essential city highlights include Les Jardins des plantes, Triomph Arc, Peyrou, the old town, which will illustrate the rich history.

Night at Hotel du Palais.

included: Emergency support, GPS included, Roadbook, Travelbook, Orientation with a local guide, bedroom

Hotel du Palais*** – Montpellier – Hotel – 3*

3 Rue du Palais des Guilhem, 34000, Montpellier, France latitude:43.611601 longitude:3.873903 http://www.hoteldupalais-montpellier.fr/

+334 67 60 47 38 Check-out : Midday Check in: From 2:00 pm

Thursday 03-Oct-2019 : Montpellier

Today is a free day to explore the town.

Night at Hotel du Palais.

  • Restaurants

Napoleon Dynamite – 5 Place de la Canourgue



Trendy Coffee shop with a terrace on the most beautiful square of the city : Place de la Canourgue. Brunchs, Cakes & Superbowls. Brunch at 22 €. Open everyday.

Tamarillos -2 Place du Marché aux Fleurs h p://www.tamarillos.biz/ – +33 4 67 60 06 00

A charming table inspired by flowers and fruits exciting the taste buds, fluid from here and elsewhere. Philippe Chapon, double French champion of desserts , invites you to share his vision of creating desserts, which fulfills your heart. Menus from 19 € for lunch & from 44 € for dinner. Open everyday.

Maki Roll – 18 rue du Cardinal de Cabrières

http://www.makiroll34.com/ – +33 7 68 03 25 33

Makis, Sushis & Onigris. Assorted sushis pla er from 14.90 € (24 pieces). Eat-in, take-out or delivery service. Closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Les Fils à Maman – 2 Rue du Petit Saint-Jean

http://www.lesfilsamaman.com/ – +33 4 67 60 60 71

One of the best place to have a brunch in Montpellier ! Everything is homemade with fresh products Reservation advised. Open from Tuesday to Sunday for dinner. Open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch. Menus from 18 € for lunch & Brunch at 22 €.

Le Tapas – 5 Rue des Trésoriers de la Bourse

http://letapas.fr/ – +33 4 67 59 21 52

Tapas bar. 100% homemade. Menus from 10 € for lunch and from 20 € for dinner. Closed on Monday & Sunday.

La réserve Rimbaud* – 820 avenue St Maur – +33 4 67 72 52 53


“La Réserve Rimbaud” invites you to take a gourmet break on a sunny terrace overlooking the Lez river. Lunch menu from 32 €. Tasting menu (5-course menu) from 90 €. Closed on Saturday lunchtime, on Sunday evening & on Monday all day.

L’idée Saveurs – 5 Rue Four des Flammes – +33 4 67 29 88 62

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 10/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Restaurant The idea Saveurs in the heart of the Saint Roch district. You will discover a market cuisine and evolutionary throughout the seasons. Lunch €€. Closed on Sunday & on Monday all day.

Le Pré Vert – 10 rue Saint Anne – +33 4 67 02 72 81 h p://www.restaurant-leprevert.fr/
Restaurant, brunchs, teahouse & snack
Menus from 11€ for Lunch and Brunch from 16 €. Open everyday

  • Bakeries
    Lo Monaco – 8 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau Closed on Sunday
    Des Rêves et du Pain – 10 Rue Eugène Lisbonne Closed on Sunday & Monday
    Boulangerie Teissier – 8 Rue Saint-Guilhem Closed on Monday

Market days

Greengrocer market – Place de la Comédie

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm

Marché des Arceaux – Boulevard des Arceaux

On Tuesday & Saturday mornings

Farmer’s market – Avenue Samuel Champlain (Antigone district)

Sunday from 8am to 1:30pm

Flowers Market – Esplanade Charles de gaulle

Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm

  • Grocery stores
    Monoprix Comédie – 4 Rue de Verdun
    Open MON-SAT from 8:30am to 9:45pm – Closed on Sunday afternoon Le Panier d’Aimé – 6 Rue du Plan du Palais
    Delicatessen shop – Closed on Sunday
    Carrefour City – Montpellier Saint Guilhem – 42 Rue Saint-Guilhem Open MON-SAT from 7am to 10pm – On Sunday open from 9am to 1pm

included: bedroom and breakfast

Friday 04-Oct-2019 : Montpellier – Villeneuve e

Our local guide (French native & English speaking) will meet you at your hotel according to the time we will plan with you. He will bring your road- books, GPS and touristic information.

An expert of the region, you can ask him all the questions you have about your trip.

Today you will ride from Montpellier, capital of the Languedoc region. Built in the 1040s, Montpellier quickly became known for its trade with the East, and its medical schools. With winding streets that date back to the Middle Ages and ultra-modern facilities such as the indoor Olympic size swimming pool, skating rink, planetarium, and tramway system, Montpellier has something for everyone. You will cross the department of Hérault, then you will go

Hotel du Palais*** – Montpellier – Hotel – 3*

3 Rue du Palais des Guilhem, 34000, Montpellier, France latitude:43.611601 longitude:3.873903 h p://www.hoteldupalais-montpellier.fr/
Check-out : Midday

Check in: From 2:00 pm

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 11/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

up the Hérault Gorges to reach St Guilhem, a magnificent village classified as “one of the most beautiful villages in France”. You will head towards the Salagou lake and its famous red earth to reach Villeuneuvette, a little village with famous land formations reminding of the Italian Dolomites!

Distance : 75 Km (46 mi). Elevation : 780m.

Night at Hotel de la Source.

  • Bakeries
    Le Fournil d’Helene – 20 rue du Bout du Monde
  • Restaurants


La Table d’Aurore – inside the Hotel le Guilhaume d’Orange


Traditional restaurant using fresh local products with a breathtaking view over the Hérault Gorges. Menus from 23.50 €. Closed on Wednesday during winter.

Restaurant le Val de Gellone – 3 Grand Chemin du Val de Gellone
h p://www.levaldegellone.com/ – +33 4 67 57 33 99
Pizzeria restaurant. Homemade pizzas & Traditional cuisine. Menus from 20.50 €. Open everyday for lunch. Open on Friday & Sunday evenings.

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Fantasia – 2 Rue de la Convention Boulangerie Mateo Jean-Luc – 28 Rue Voltaire Patisserie Thuro e – 42 Rue Doyen René Gosse Closed on Sunday afternoon & on Monday all day
  • Restaurants

Les Remparts – 3 Place de la République

+33 4 67 96 33 81


A restaurant which offers fine cuisine tending to world food generously served in a warm and friendly family setting. Menu from 18 €. Closed on Monday.

Le Tournesol – 2 Allée Roger Salengro h p://www.letournesol.fr/ – +33 4 67 96 99 22

Traditional restaurant with a nice terrace which offers simple & refined cuisine. Wide range of : Salad, Grilled meats, seafood platters, Menus from 16.50 € for lunch & from 25 € for dinner.

  • Grocery stores
    Casino – 17 Rue Doyen René Gosse
    Closed on Sunday
    Lidl – 18 Avenue de Montpellier
    Closed on Sunday afternoon
    Biomonde – Place du Lieutenant Marcel Gontier Organic shop – Closed on Sunday

Market days

Wednesday morning – Place du Marché

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Hotel de la Source*** – Villeneuve e – Hotel – 3*

Rue de la Calade, 34800, Villeneuve e, France latitude:43.609725 longitude:3.401607

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 12/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

http://www.hoteldelasource.com/index.php? option=com_content&view=article&id=87&Itemid=27&lang=fr

+334 67 96 05 07 Check-out : Midday Check in: From 3:00 pm

Saturday 05-Oct-2019 : Villeneuve e – Siran

Another day in the quiet back country of this region of Causse et Cévennes (UNESCO site) going to the village of Siran. From Villeneuve e you drop down onto a plain and can enjoy some flat riding and vineyard country. Then, you will drop further south and west toward the Canal du Midi (UNESCO site ). You will pass numerous villages dating from another time. At the end of the ride you are in the village of Siran.

Distance : 85 Km (53 mi). Elevation : 1050m.

Night at Chateau de Siran.

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Boyer – 1 Rue Jules Flourens Boulangerie Lopez – 2 rue Georges Durand Closed on Sunday afternoon
    La Fournée d’Antan – Rue du Pounchou


  • Restaurants
    Le Garde Manger – 5 Centre Commercial du Pounchou
    http://www.le-gardemanger.com/ – +33 4 67 94 09 58
    Traditional cuisine using fresh local products. Menus from 14 € for lunch and from 29 € for dinner. Open everyday.
  • Grocery stores
    Lidl – Avenue de la République
    Open from Monday to Saturday from 8 :30 am to 7 :30 pm

Market days

Tuesday & Saturday mornings – Place Parech

  • Restaurants

Le Relais Chantovent- 17 Grand Rue


Gourmet restaurant. Cuisine is prepared using fresh, delicate, and high-quality regional produce. Menus from 22 €. Closed on Sunday & Tuesday evenings and Wednesday all day.

L’Oie Trébuchante – Rue des Cabarets +33 4 68 43 99 69

Fast food restaurant. Pastries and traditional sandwiches. Homemade ice creams. D’Ame Crepe- 2 Rue des Martyrs
+33 6 60 12 09 25
Fast food restaurant. Real Breton pancakes in a simple setting.

http://www.relaischantovent-minerve.fr/en/ – +33 4 68 91 14 18

  • Wine Tasting

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 13/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Domaine Tailhades Mauranne – Facing the church

http://www.tailhades-mayranne.fr/- +33 3 80 24 68 88

Delighted to present his wines, Régis Tailhades welcomes you! Discover over a drink a terroir, a landscape and a range of products that have diverse objectives. The family property has 22 ha classified AOP land, all located at the municipality of Minerve. With respect for his natural and native environment, Régis offers you wines bottled or bag in a box available in three colors.

Informations : Open on weekends in April & June. In July, August & September open everyday from 11am to 1pm & from 3pm to 7pm. We recommend you to call before your visit : +33 4 68 91 18 62


http://www.chateau-de-siran.com/en/table-and-cooking.html – +33 4 68 91 55 98

The Chateau de Siran’s table offers generous, friendly and tasty cooking that invites you to discover the authentic flavors of southern France. Gourmet restaurant using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Open everyday for dinner (on booking for Wednesday). Menus from 32 €

Bar Le Minervois – 4 Rue de la Poste
+33 4 68 91 43 07
A small traditional restaurant.
La Cave – 3 Route de Cesseras
https://lacavevigneronnesiran.com/ – +33 4 34 36 65 10
Wine bar with tapas menu – open from 12AM to 1PM and from 6:30PM to 9PM

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Sunday 06-Oct-2019 : Siran – Trèbes – The Citadel Of Carcassonne

While you are just a short distance from Carcassonne (UNESCO site #5), the eventual goal for the day, we invite you on a ride along the canal on the first part of your ride and finish by li le roads to Carcassonne. Or, you can choose a longer diversion to Fabrezan and Lagrasse before dropping back into La Cite where your hotel is situated just outside the fortress walls.

***Please note that if you rent a road bike you will not be cycling on the canal path. Instead you will be on roads nearby. Only the longer route option is possible if you rent a road bike.

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Lucia Michel – Rue du Porche
    Open from 8am to 12 :30pm & from 5pm to 7pm. Closed on Wednesday
  • Restaurants

Le Cœur des Vignes – Inside the Château de Siran

Chateau de Siran**** – Siran – Hotel – 4*

1 Avenue du Chateau, 34210, Siran, France latitude:43.312378 longitude:2.662143 http://www.chateau-de-siran.com/en/

+334 68 91 55 98
Air conditioning in rooms: yes
Check-out : 11:00 am
Check in: Between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Restaurant: Please contact your Tour Consultant at least a couple of days before if you’d like to eat at their restaurant only if it’s not already included.

Distances : 47 or 73 Km (29 or 45 mi). Elevation : 325 or 595 m.

Night at Hotel Montmorency.

  • Bakeries
    La Tougnoleraie – 13 Avenue du Languedoc
    Open everyday from 6 :45 am to 12 :30 pm & from 4 :30pm to 7 :30pm. Closed on Sunday afternoon


https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 14/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

  • Restaurants
    O Fil de l’O – 69 avenue du Languedoc
    http://www.o.fildelo.fr/en – +33 4 68 79 20 90
    Traditional cuisine made with local products. Menu from 14 € for lunch. Closed on Sunday evening & on Monday for lunch.


  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Cabrera – 47 Avenue Pasteur
    Open everyday from 6 :30 am to 1pm & from 3pm to 8pm Boulangerie Despeyroux Serge – 9 Route de Narbonne Boulangerie Doumenc Claude – 3 Avenue des Capucins Closed on Thursday
  • Restaurants
    Le Moulin de Trebes – 2 rue du Moulin
    http://www.lemoulindetrebes.com/ – +33 4 68 78 97 57
    Restaurant located on the Canal du Midi banks. Regional cuisine. Menu from 17 € for lunch. Open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch. La Poissonnerie Moderne – 8 Avenue Pierre Curie

http://www.poissonnerie-moderne-trebes.fr/ – +33 4 68 78 26 72
Seafood restaurant located on the Canal du Midi banks. Menus from 18 € for lunch. Open everyday.

  • Grocery stores
    Contact Marché – Le Faubourg – Vieux route de Narbonne Super U Trèbes – Route Nationale 113

Market days

Sunday morning – on the Canal du Midi banks

  • Bakeries
    Blanche de Castille – 21 Rue Cros Mayrevieille Les Gourmandises de Manon – 29 rue du Plo L’Art Gourmand – 13 rue Saint-Louis
  • Restaurants
    Restaurant la Marquière – 13 rue Saint-Jean h p://www.lamarquiere.com/ – +33 4 68 71 52 00


In an old shuttered country inn, this family-run bistro serves meaty cassoulet, along with Mediterranean-influenced dishes such as lamb with parsnip gnocchi, foie gras ravioli, aubergine and spinach cannelloni, and sea bass with squid-ink spaghetti. Ask for a table in the courtyard if it’s sunny. Local products & local crafts are on sale in the restaurant. Menus from 34 € for lunch. Closed on Wednesday & Thursday.

Restaurant Comte Roger – 14 Rue Saint-Louis
http://comteroger.com/ – +33 4 68 11 93 40
This is one of the best establishments to taste a traditional cassoulet. Menus from 24 € for lunch and from 41 € for dinner. Closed on Monday & Sunday. Maison du Cassoulet – 6 rue du Grand Puits
http://www.maisonducassoulet.com/ – +33 4 68 47 61 03

La Maison du Cassoulet is ideally situated in the Carcassonne “Cité”, apart from the hectic Grand Rue. The restaurant offers the quiet and nicely decorated place to enjoy the regional cassoulet, cooked and served in the traditional stoneware pot. La Maison du cassoulet also serves a selection of regional wines and advises you on the best matches wine-meals. Menus from 14.50 €.

Market days

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings – In Place Carnot

Flower, fruit & vegetable markets

Monday to Saturday – Indoor Market in the Old market hall

Meat, charcuterie, fish, fruits & vegetables …

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 15/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Sunday Morning – Place de la Barbacane

Local producers market

included: luggage transfer, bedroom and breakfast

Monday 07-Oct-2019 : The Citadel Of Carcassonne – Saint Pierre Des Champs – Cucugnan

This route between the Pyrenees and the wild Corbieres crosses the beautiful Hautes Corbieres countryside. Here you will see the Medieval Castle of Villerouge-Termenes, the Termes Castle and Queribus Castle deeply rooted in the epic Cathar history. The uphill challenges are well compensated by the breathtaking panoramic views.

Hotel Montmorency*** – Carcassonne – Hotel – 3*

2 Rue Camille-Saint Saens, 11000, Carcassonne, France latitude:43.207045 longitude:2.366804 h ps://www.hotelmontmorency.com/en/3-star-spa-hotel-carcassonne Air conditioning in rooms: yes

Check-out : 11:00 am Check in: From 3:00 pm

Distance : 80 Km (50mi). Elevation : 1170 m.

Night at the Guest House la Toure e.

  • Bakerie
    Boulangerie Terencio – 23 boulevard de la Promenade
  • Grocery store
    Maison du Terroir – 6 boulevard de la Promenade Local products : Wine, Olive oil, tapenade, honey…
  • Restaurant
    La Petite Maison – boulevard de la Promenade + 33 4 68 91 34 09
    French food. Closed on Wednesday.
  • Restaurants


La Taverne – 2 place de la Commune (facing the Castle) http://la-taverne-villerouge.tumblr.com/ – +33 4 68 70 07 12 Traditional restaurant & snacks.


Restaurant Médiéval la Rotisserie – Château de Villerouge Terménès

http://restaurant-medieval.com/ – +33 9 81 64 09 11

Medieval style restaurant proposing 13th & 14h century dishes. Cuisine made with fresh local products. Menu from 35 €. Open everyday in July & August. Open on request from september to november.


https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 16/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

  • Bakeries
    Les Maitres de mon Moulin – 3 Rue du Moulin Open everyday from 9am to 7pm
  • Restaurants

Auberge La Table du Curé – 25 Rue Alphonse Daudet

http://www.auberge-la-table-du-cure.com/restaurant.php – +33 4 68 45 01 46

Traditional local cuisine. Menus from 16 € for lunch & from 20 € for dinner. Closed on Wednesday.

Restaurant Auberge du Vigneron – 2 Rue Achille Mir

http://www.auberge-vigneron.com/fr/index.php – +33 4 68 45 03 00

The restaurant invites you to discover Regional dishes with a touch of fantasy. Discover the smells and authentic tastes of the Cassoulet or dare the Foot of Pork with old Maury. Menus from 16 € for lunch & from 24.50 € for dinner. Closed on Monday.

included: luggage transfer, bedroom and breakfast

Tuesday 08-Oct-2019 : Cucugnan – Amelie Les Bains

Today, the route is hilly, you leave the Corbières to reach the beginning of the Western Pyrenees and then the outskirts of the city of Pepignan. You will reach the small town of Amélie les Bains, known for its thermal baths.

B&B La Toure e – Cucugnan – Hotel – BB (chambre d’hote)

4 passage de la Vierge, 11350, Cucugnan, France


+33 -cell. +33 6 09 64 60 47

Distance : 70 Km (44 mi). Elevation : 820m.

Night at Grand Hotel de la Reine Amelie*** – Amelie les bains

  • Bakeries
    Le Petrin d’Ancel – 47 Avenue Roger Salengro L’Estagelloise – 24 Place Arago
    Boulangerie Poma – 10 Avenue René Nicolau
  • Grocery stores
    Carrefour Contact – Route de Foix
    Open MON-SAT from 8am to 8pm – Closed on Sunday afternoon

Market days

Monday & Friday mornings

  • Restaurants
    L’Aramon Gourmand – 127 Avenue du Canigou



https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 17/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

http://www.aramongourmand.fr/ – +33 4 68 92 43 59

Regional cuisine & Catalan dishes. Taste the Chef’s specialty : Roasted pepper with Collioure anchovies. Menus from 28.90 to 39.90 €. Closed on Sunday evening, Monday & Tuesday all day.

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Ramirez – 2 Place Anatole France Patisserie Florent – Avenue François Mitterand La Frianderie – 4 Place de la République
  • Restaurants

Restaurant Arbequina- 21 Rue de la République

http://www.arbequina-restaurant.com/ –


Mediterranean & Catalan cuisine. Everything is homemade with fresh ingredients in this restaurant. Menus from 16 € for lunch & from 32 € for dinner. Closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Le Patio Catalan – 4 Place Général de Gaulle
+33 4 68 53 57 28
Regional cuisine with Catalan specialities. Menu from 16 € for lunch & from 24 € for dinner. Closed on Wednesday & Thursday.

  • Grocery stores
    Intermarché – 1 Avenue de la Côte Vermeille
    Open MON-SAT from 8:30am to 8pm – Closed on Sunday afternoon

Market days


  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Patisserie – 5 Avenue du Dr Bouix
    Open all days from 6:30am – 12:30pm. & from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. L’Epi du Moulin – 11 Avenue du Vallespir
    Open all days from 7:00am – 12:30pm. & from 3:30pm to 7:00pm.
  • Restaurants
    Le Carpe Diem – 9 Avenue du Général de Gaulle
    +33 4 34 10 68 43
    French restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce. Closed on Sunday. Casa Pedro – 8 Avenue Général Leclerc
    +33 4 68 39 03 24
    Catalan cuisine. Closed on Wednesday.

Market day


  • Grocery stores
    Vidal – 6 rue Joseph Coste
    Open: 8.30am to 1:00pm & 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Closed on Sunday.
    Proxi Super – 24 Avenue du Vallespir
    Open: 9.00am to 12:30pm & 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Closed on Sunday.
    Spar supermarché – 17 Boulevard de la Mairie
    Open every day. From Monday to Saturday: 7:30am-12:30pm & 3:00pm to 7:30pm & on Sunday: 7:30am to 12:30pm.


included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 18/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Grand Hotel de la Reine Amelie*** – Amelie les bains – Hotel – 3*

Bd de La Petite Provence, 66110, Amelie les bains, France latitude:42.463992800171 longitude:2.6641845703125 http://www.reineamelie.com/index.php

33 (4) 68 39 04 38
Air conditioning in rooms: No (Fan) Check-out : 11:00am
Check in: from 3:00pm

Wednesday 09-Oct-2019 : Amelie Les Bains – Olot

Today, you will face the Pyrenees mountain and then cross on the Spanish side. A long climb awaits you until the border with Spain. Then, a long descent where you can explore the Garrotxa region, famous for its volcanic landscape. There is also a very good museum dedicated to the subject in Olot which is worth exploring. The Garrotages Volcanic Zone is the best example of volcanic terrain on the Iberian Peninsula. It has 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows. The mountain landscape, the sun and climate provide a variety of vegetation, often exuberant, with holm oaks, common oaks and beech trees of exceptional value to the landscape.

Distance : 85 Km (53 mi). Elevation : 1660m.

Night at Hotel Can Blanc.

  • Bakerie
    L’Ours gourmand – 7 carrer de la Porta de France


  • Restaurants
    Bellavista – Place du Foirail
    +33 4 68 39 72 48 – http://www.hotel-le-bellevue.fr/en/bellavista-restaurant/
    French restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce. Open from Thursday to Monday. Le Temps des Cerises – 1-17 Carrer de la Porta d’Espagna
    +33 4 68 95 40 10
    French restaurant.

Market day


  • Grocery stores
    Vidal – 3 Place d’Armes
    Open every day: 7.30am to 12:30pm & 3:30pm to 7:30pm.
    Relais des Mousquetaires – 17 rue du Jardin d’Enfants
    Open every day: from Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 12:30pm & 3:30pm to 7:00pm. Sunday: 9:00am to 12:00pm


  • Bakeries
    Pastisseria Pujol – Carrer Valencia, 1
    Forn Sala – Carrer Ferrer Barbara, 14
    Forn de Pa de Llanars – Carrer Catalunya, 7
    El Pont 9 – Cami Cerdanya
    +34 972 74 05 21 – https://restaurantelpont9.com/en
    Catalan restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce. Open from Wednesday to Sunday.

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 19/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Can Po – Carretera Beget
+34 972 74 10 45
Catalan restaurant.
Pizeria-Restaurante La Rustica – Carrer Catalunya, 11 +34 972 74 09 94

Italian restaurant.

Market day


  • Grocery stores
    SPAR CAMPRODON – Carrer Valencia, 12
    Open every day: From Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 1:30pm & 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Sunday: from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Bodega Toni – Carrer Issac Albeniz, 16
    Charter Market – Plaça de la Vila, 9,10
    Open every day: From Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 9:00pm. Sunday: from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

  • Restaurants

Restaurant Ramon – Carrer Xavier de Bolòs, 22

http://www.restaurante-celiacos-olot.com/ – +34 972 26 10 01


Catalan cuisine. Dinner menu from 27 €. Open everyday for lunch (except Thursday). Open on Friday & Saturday for dinner.

La Deu Restaurant – Carretera de La Deu, s/n

http://www.ladeu.es/web/fr – +34 972 26 10 04

La Deu restaurant offers traditional, creative dishes with a marked emphasis on local produce. Menus from 13.50 € for lunch. Closed on Sunday evening.

La Quinta Justa – Passeig de Barcelona,7

http://www.laquintajusta.cat/ – +34 972 27 12 09

Volcanic, Mediterranean cuisine. Menus from 13.25 € for lunch. Gourmet menu from 32.50 €. Closed on Sunday evening & on Monday all day.

El Bou Bru – Passeig Bisbe Guillamet, 9

+34 972 26 66 33

Restaurant specialised in Burgers made with fresh local products. Burgers from 6 €. Closed on Tuesday all day. Closed on Monday & Wednesday evenings.

  • Bakeries
    Cropic’s Pastisseria – Calle Colos, 10
    Forn de Pa Granier – Carrer Sant Rafel, 31 Open everyday

Market days

Monday – On Passeig de Miquel Blay, Plaça de Jaume Balmes and the adjacent streets

Food and Clothes market

  • Grocery stores
    Dia Supermercats – Avigunda Sta. Coloma de Farnes Mercadona – Carrer Mulleras, 33
    Closed on Sunday
    Carrefour – Avinguda de Santa Coloma, 74
    Open everyday from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Hotel Can Blanc*** – Olot – Hotel – 3*

Parajes La Deu s/n, 0, 17800, Olot, Spain latitude:42.166143 longitude:2.486433

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 20/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT


+34972276019 Check-out : Midday Check in: From 2.00pm

Thursday 10-Oct-2019 : Olot – Sant Feliu De Pallerols – Amer – La Cellera De Ter – Anglès

– Girona

From Olot (at 440m above sea level) the Carrilet Greenway is markedly downhill to Girona (at 70m) so you will reach Girona through the green countryside with very little effort!

This route crosses through magnificent scenery of cultural value. It begins in the Garrotxa volcanic area and reaches the Ter valley and then on to the pastures of Salt and Girona. Tonight, you will stay in Girona and discover the old town called the Jewish Quarter next to the magnificent Gothic Cathedral. Do not forget to try some tapas in the numerous bars and restaurants in Girona!

Distance : 59 Km (37 mi). Elevation : 362 m.
Night at Historic – Girona.


  • Restaurants
    Bar Restaurant Ca la Matilde – Carretera d’Olot, 42
    +34 972 44 42 69
    Traditional cuisine. Closed on Monday. Menu from 12 € for lunch.
  • Bakeries
    Forn de Pa – Pastisseria Martori – Plaça de l’Esglèsia, 8 Open MON-SAT from 8 am to 1 pm
  • Restaurants
    Restaurant Fonda Giralt – Plaza Sant Miquel 5
    +34 972 43 00 45
    Traditional catalan cuisine. Menu from 10 €.
    Snack Bar Torrent – Avigunda de la Selva, 11 h p://snackbartorrent.com/ – +34 972 43 00 73
    Wide range of Tapas, salads & pastas… Closed on Monday
  • Bakeries
    Pastisseria Puigdemont – Carrer de Sant Miquel, 6 Closed on Monday all day & on Sunday afternoon

Market days

Wednesday morning


  • Grocery stores
    Supermercat Suma – Plaça de la Vila, 22
    Open MON-SAT from 8am to 1pm & from 5pm to 8pm. Closed on Sunday
  • Restaurants


https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 21/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Restaurant Can Co – Avda. Montserrat, 10
http://www.restaurantcanco.com/ – +34 972 42 25 22
Catalan cuisine using high-quality products. Menus from 18.50 €. Open everyday for lunch.

  • Bakeries
    Forn de Pa El Llevat – Plaça de l’Església, s/n

Market days

Thursday morning – From 9 am to 1 pm

  • Restaurants
    L’Aliança d’Anglès 1919 – Carrer Jacint Verdaguer, 3
    http://www.alianca1919.com/ – +34 972 42 01 56
    Traditional cuisine. Main dishes from 14.50 €. Menu from 36 €. Closed on Monday. Restaurant Ca l’Elisa – Calle Salvador Espriu, 9-11
    +34 972 42 02 87
    Traditional cuisine. Menu from 19 €. Closed on Monday.
    Pastisseria Piferrer – Plaça de la Ru la, 2
    Closed on Sunday afternoon & on Monday all day
    Forn de Pa El Llevat – Carrer de Ponent, 30


Market days


  • Grocery stores
    Supermercado Dia – Carrer de la Industria
  • Restaurants

Blanc – Nord, 2


Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Local products such as fresh vegetables, meats and daily fresh fish. Closed on Monday. Menu from 10.30 € for lunch.

Zanpanzar – Carrer de la Cort Reial,12

+34 972 212 843

Located in the heart of Girona, the restaurant is specialized in Basque cuisine and donostiarras. Open everyday.

NU Restaurant – Carrer d’Abeuradors, 4

http://www.nurestaurant.cat/ – +34 972 22 52 30

Set in the historic centre of Girona, the dynamic, trend-setting Nu Restaurant is pleased to offer an audacious cuisine using the influence and personality of world cuisines. Gourmet menu from 59.75 €. Closed on Sunday.

Market Days

Open-air market – Tuesday & Saturday mornings

The open-air Market takes place in Devesa Park with some 200 stalls selling fruit, vegetables, clothes, footwear, accessories, toiletries and many other products… Flower market – Saturday
Rambla Libertat
Artisan food fair – 1st Saturday of every mont, Holy week, St Narcissus’ Festival and Christmas holiday period

Rambla Libertat

  • Bakeries
    Casa Moner – Carrer de Santa Clara, 45 Open everyday from 8am to 9 pm

http://www.grupandilana.com/en/restaurants/blanc – +34 972 415 637

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 22/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Pastisserie Nactar Girona – Carrer Nord, 22

Closed on Sunday afternoon & on Monday all day

  • Grocery stores
    Novavenda – Carrer de les Hortes, 18
    Open MON-SAT from 9 am to 9 pm. Closed on Sunday
  • Bike shop
    Bike Breaks Girona Cycle Centre – Carrer Mercaders, 14 https://www.gironacyclecentre.com/ – +34 972 20 54 65
    Open MON-SAT from 9:15 am to 2pm and from 5pm to 7pm. Closed on Sunday

included: luggage transfer, bedroom and breakfast

Historic – Girona – Hotel – 4*

C/ Bellmirall 4A, 17004, Girona, Spain latitude:41.244772343082 longitude:-3.2958984375 http://www.hotelhistoric.com/index-.html

+34 972 22 35 83 Bed size: 4*

Friday 11-Oct-2019 : Girona

Today is a free day to explore the town. Night at Historic – Girona.

included: bedroom and breakfast

Historic – Girona – Hotel – 4*

C/ Bellmirall 4A, 17004, Girona, Spain latitude:41.244772343082 longitude:-3.2958984375 h p://www.hotelhistoric.com/index-.html
Bed size: 4*

Saturday 12-Oct-2019 : Girona – Cassa De La Selva – Llagostera – Sant Feliu De Guixols

Following the cycle path, a converted railway line called ‘El Carrilet’, this ride brings you to the Mediterranean Coast. You will arrive in Sant Feliu with its wonderful seaport and old monastery.

Distance : 44 Km (27 mi). Elevation : 212 m.

Night at Hotel Barcarola.

(Your hotel is located in the municipality of Sant Feliu, few meters from S’Agaro)

  • Restaurants


https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 23/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

La Brasa Grillada – Carretera Provincial, 97 h p://www.labrasagrillada.com/ – +34 972 46 00 03 Catalan cuisine. Closed on Monday.
Momo Burger – Vilaret, 17 h p://www.momoburgercafe.com/ – +34 972 46 52 13 Wide range of Burgers & Tapas. Open everyday for lunch. La Pizza Nostra – Carretera Provincial, 104 h p://lapizzanostra.weebly.com/ – +34 972 46 20 00 Artisanal Pizzeria. Pizzas from 6.85 €. Closed on Monday.

Market Days

Wednesday morning – Avenue Vilaret

From 8 am to 2 pm

  • Bakeries
    Pastisseria Nectar – Carrer de la Mel, 21 Closed on Sunday afternoon & on Monday all day Pastisseria Vila – Carrer Major, 9
  • Grocery stores
    Mercadona – Carrer de la Via, 6
    Open MON-SAT from 9:15am to 9:15pm. Closed on Sunday
  • Restaurants

In Llagostera’s city centre

La Taverna d’en Pou – Carrer Pau Casals, 5

+34 972 83 21 03


Catalan cuisine. Menu from 13.20 € for lunch.Closed on Monday & Tuesday.

On the road between Llagostera and Santa Cristina d’Aro

Restaurant Els Tinars – Carretera de Sant Feliu a Girona – Km 7,2

http://www.elstinars.com/en/- +34 972 83 06 26

Gourmet restaurant. Cuisine based on traditional Catalan cooking and the finest seasonal local produce. Menus from 49.50 € for lunch (except in August) & from 72 € for dinner.

Restaurant Ca la Maria – Carretera de Llagostera a Santa Cristina – Km 9 http://www.restaurantcalamaria.cat/ – +34 972 83 13 34
Modern Catalan cuisine. Menus from 40 € to 55 €. Open from Thursday to Sunday for lunch.

Market Days

Thursday morning from 8 am to 2 pm – Passeig Pompeu Fabra

  • Grocery stores
    Fruites i Verdures – Passeig Pompeu Fabra, 3
    Open MON-FRI from 9am to 2pm & from 5pm to 8:30pm. Closed on Saturday afternoon & on Sunday all day Spar – Carrer d’Angel Guimera, 27
    Consum – Av. Girones s/n
    Open MON-SAT from 9:15 am to 9:15 pm. Closed on Sunday


  • Restaurants in Sant feliu de Guixols
    Sa Marinada – Passeig del Fortim s/n http://samarinada.com/language/en/home/ – +34 972 32 38 00

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 24/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

The restaurant has a terrace with a view over the bay of Sant Feliu. Mediterranean cuisine & Seafood restaurant. Menus from 46.50 €. Open everyday.

Creperie La Buganvilia – Calle Sant Llorenc 26

+34 972 32 02 99

Creperie. Average price : 12 €. Open everyday.

Restaurant Ca L’Isern – Carrer Especiers, 27

http://www.restaurant-isern.com/Benvinguda.html – +34 972 82 28 21

Located in the old town of Sant Feliu, the restaurant Ca L’Isern is an establishment runned by the same family since 1954. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Menus from 12.90 € for lunch on weekdays.

  • Restaurants in S’Agaro

La Clova – Platja de Sant Pol s/n

http://laclova.com/ – +34 972 32 83 91

Withe a terrace overlooking the beach of San Pol, this restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine & Seafood. You can also taste the delicious Pizzas & Pastas of the Italian chef. Closed on Monday.

Garbi Poolside restaurant – inside the Hostal de la Gavina http://www.lagavina.com/restaurants/garbi-poolside-restaurant/ –

The poolside Garbi restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine. Choose from dishes such as Gazpaco Andaluz or a selection of salads, carpaccios, meat and fishes cooked over hot embers, typical of Catalunya.

Market Days in Sant Feliu de Guixols

Indoor market – in the Market square from Tuesday to Sunday Street market – on Sunday

  • Bakeries in Sant Feliu de Guixols
    Sant Antoni – Calle Girona, 5
    Be Cake – Carrer de Bourg de Peage, 16
    Closed on Sunday afternoon & on Monday all day Bakeries in S’Agaro

Pastisseria Forn de Pa la Ibicenca – Avenida Sant Feliu, 309

  • Grocery stores in Sant Feliu de Guixols Alimentacio Can Prat – Carrer Anselm Clavé, 1 Closed on Sunday afternoon & on Monday all day Grocery stores in S’Agaro

Carrefour Express – Carretera de Palamos, 41

Closed on Sunday

  • Bike shop
    Ayats Cycles – Carretera de Palamos, 164, Sant Feliu de Guixols http://www.ayatscycles.com/ – +34 972 82 15 37
    Open MON – SAT from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm

included: luggage transfer, bedroom and breakfast

Van der Valk Hotel Barcarola*** – Sant Feliu de Guixols – Hotel – 3*

Carrer del pintor Pablo Picasso 1-19, 17220, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain latitude:41.790795 longitude:3.046647

+34 972 32 69 32 Check-out : 11:00 am Check in: From 3:00 pm

Sunday 13-Oct-2019 : Sant Feliu De Guixols – Llagostera – Cassa De La Selva – Figueres

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 25/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

You move away from the Mediterranean coast to reach the Catalan countryside, you climb a small pass in the middle of an oak forest and then move downwards into the plain and reach Figueres.

Distance : 70 Km (43mi). Elevation : 700m.

Night at Hotel Ronda.

  • Restaurant

Restaurant la Cantonada – Carrer Bisbe, 6

http://www.lacantonada.cat/ – +34 972 64 34 13


Cuisine made with fresh local products. Menus from 12 € for lunch during weekdays or Seasonal Menu that changes with the seasons from 20 €. Closed on Tuesday.

  • Grocery store
    Dia – Av. de les Voltes, 25 Closed on Sunday afternoon

Market day


  • Restaurants
    Mas Pi – Crossing Torroella de Montgri rd. – La Bisbal road
    http://www.maspi.net/.en – +34 972 780 612
    Traditional Catalan food. Menu from 10 € for lunch and from 19.80 € for dinner. Closed on Monday evening.


Market Days

Tuesday – Plaça Major

  • Restaurants
    El Raco de Figueres, Avinguda de Salvador Dali, 17 (in Hotel Ronda)
    +34 972 50 39 11
    Catalan specialities & Tapas.
    Antaviana – Carrer de Llers, 5-7
    http://www.restaurantantaviana.cat/es/ – +34 972 51 03 77
    Local products & Catalan specialities. Menu from 16 €. Closed on Sunday evening & Monday all day. Lizarran – Calle Narcis Monturiol, 3
    http://www.lizarran.es/ – +34 972 50 66 67
    Tapas bar.

Market Days

Weekly food Market – Placa del Gra and Placa Catalunya Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings
Clothes market – Passeig Nou
Every Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm


https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 26/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

  • Grocery stores
    Aldi Figueres – Avigunda de Roses, 30-32 Mercadona – Calle San Lazaro, 54 Supermercade Terra – Carrer de Pep Ventura, 27
  • Bakeries
    Maia Besalu – Carrer de Besalu, 4
    Pastisseria Serra Lacasa – Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 6 Jaime Guisset Poch – Carrer Sud, 3
  • Bike Shops
    Eo Bikes – Carrer de Gonzalez de Soto, 1
    +34 972 673950
    Opened MON – FRI from 12:15 pm to 2 pm & from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm Suria Bicis – Carrer de Fortia, 8
    +34 972 505 054 h p://www.suriabicis.com/es/tienda-de-bicicletas-en-figueras

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Monday 14-Oct-2019 : Figueres – Le Barcares

Today, back to France and the Mediterranean coast. You start with a nice climb to cross the border on the French side and then you will go down on the Vermeille hill, named after their red rocks. You will discover Port Vendres and above all do not hesitate to stop in Collioure, a magnificent little typical village! You will continue to cycle between the sea and the mountains along the beaches to the small town of Le Barcares.

Hotel Ronda*** – Figueres – Hotel – 3*

Avinguda de Salvador Dalí 17, 17600, Figueres, Spain latitude:41.244772343082 longitude:-3.2958984375 http://www.hotelronda.com/index.php?idm=3

+34 972 50 39 11
Air conditioning in rooms: yes Bed size: 3*

Distance : 80 Km (50 mi). Elevation : 640m

Night at Hotel de la Plage** – Barcares

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Marie Blachère – 18 chemin de Palau Boulangerie Sanchez – Esplanade du Nouveau Monde Le Petit Dej Eric – Rond-point de l’Arrivee


  • Restaurants
    Restaurant la Bartavelle – 24 Rue de la République
    http://www.restaurant-labartavelle.fr/home.html – +33 6 19 25 70 13
    Mediterranean-inspired cuisine mixing Catalan gastronomy and creativity. Closed on Monday & Sunday. Al raparou – 17 rue Alembert
    +33 4 68 81 22 46

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 27/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Mediterranean cuisine & Tapas. Closed on Monday & Sunday.

  • Grocery stores
    Carrefour Contact – 4 Place Gambe a Lidl – Place du 8 mai 1945
    Ardis – Avenue du Grau

Market days

Wednesday & Saturday
Seasonal market on : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Les Délices de Lucco – 37 rue Gambe a Boulangerie Labrot – 21 rue du Priolat


  • Restaurants
    Sesame – rue Gambe a
    +33 5 53 30 55 34
    Traditional and fresh cuisine
    La Taverne – rue Gambe a
    +33 5 53 29 21 46
    Pizzeria and french cuisine. Closed for dinners.
    Hotel Restaurant La Grave e – 13, route du Chateau de la Roque +33 5 53 29 21 86
    http://www.hotel-lagrave e.com/en/
    Open every day

Market day

Sunday morning

  • Grocery store
    Carrefour Express – Le Priolat Open every day
  • Bakeries
    La Fée Gourmande – 5, Boulevard du Port
    Open every day from 6:00am to 1:00pm & 4:00pm to 7:00pm.
    La Bague e Barcaresienne – 67 Boulevard du Grau Saint Ange Closed on Monday.
    Le Croustillant – 159 Boulevard du Grau Saint Ange
    Open every day.


  • Restaurants
    Restaurant La Playa – Avenue Grande Plage
    +33 9 86 29 22 27
    French restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce. Open from Friday to Sunday. Restaurant Le Lamparo – Rue des Baleares.
    +33 4 68 86 10 44 – https://www.le-lamparo.com/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral
    Fish restaurant. Closed on Wednesday.
    La Cabane à Cactus – 27 Avenue Annibal

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 28/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

+33 4 68 61 42 46
French restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce.

Market days

Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

  • Grocery stores
    Casino Shop – Avenue de la Grande Plage
    Open from 7:30am to 8:00pm.Closed on Sunday.
    Super U – Boulevard du 14 Juillet
    Open every day: From Monday to Saturday: 8:30am to 7:30pm. Sunday: from 9:00am to 12:30pm. Epicerie L’Abricotier – 14 Boulevard de la Salanque
    Closed on Sunday.

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Hotel de la Plage** – Barcares – Hotel – 2*

9, Boulevard du Golfe du Lion, 66420, Le Barcares, France latitude:42.78330707725 longitude:3.0377197265625 https://hotel-barcares.fr/

+33 (0)4 68 86 13 84
Air conditioning in rooms: Yes Check-out : 11:00am
Check in: from 3:00pm

Tuesday 15-Oct-2019 : Le Barcares – Valras Plage

Throughout the day, you will ride along the seaside and the lakes of the Narbonnaise Regional Natural Park, famous for its outstanding biodiversity.

Distance : 85 Km (53 mi). Elevation : 200m.

Night at Hotel Albizzia*** – Valras Plage

  • Bakeries
    La Bague e en Folie – 230 Rue d’Alsace Open everyday from 7am to 7:30pm
    La Porteuse de Pain – 71 Rue Jean Bart Open everyday from 7am to 8:30pm
  • Restaurants

Restaurant Le XV – 233 Rue Jean Jaurès

+33 4 68 40 04 47


Rugby-themed restaurant. Traditional french cuisine using fresh local products. Closed on Tuesday evening & on Wednesday all day Menus from 13 € for lunch & from 18.90 € for dinner.

L’Adresse – 10 Rue Roger Rapin
+33 4 68 45 39 35
Perfect balance between french cuisine & Thaï flavours. Menus from 13 € for lunch. Closed on Monday & Sunday evenings.

  • Grocery stores
    Super U – Boulevard Général de Gaulle
    Open MON-SAT from 8:30am to 7:30pm – Closed on Sunday

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 29/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Spar – 230 Rue d’Alsace

Open everyday from 8:30am to 8pm

Market days

Wednesday & Saturday mornings – Place de l’Eglise

From 7am to 1pm

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Artisanale Bernard – Place Général Gibert Open everyday from 6am to 8pm


  • Restaurants
    Aux Deux Oliviers – 1 Boulevard de la Corderie
    https://www.auxdeuxoliviers.com/ – +33 4 68 75 85 53
    Mediterranean cuisine. Homemade dishes. Menus from 20 € for lunch and from 28 € for dinner. In July & August : Closed on Monday. La Regalada – Quai du Ponant – Immeuble Les Rocailles
    http://www.restolaregalada.com/ – +33 4 68 49 67 58
    Seafood restaurant. Menus from 31 €. Open everyday during summer.
    Le Sarment – 3 Boulevard Victor Hugo
    +33 4 68 49 62 67
    Traditional restaurant. Wide range of Tapas, grilled meats & local specialties. Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday.
  • Grocery stores
    Intermarché Super – Avenue des Bains Closed on Sunday afternoon

Market days

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings – Au Village Thursday – Avenue de Felouques
Friday – Au Port
Sunday – Avenue des Cormorans

  • Bakeries
    La Grange aux Pains – 9 Boulevard de la République Open every day.
    Au Petit Bonheur – 26 rue Frédéric Mistral
    Closed on Thursday.
    Le Pain Doré Nathalie – 16 avenue des Elysées Closed on Wednesday.


  • Restaurants
    L’Ôdacieuse – 7 avenue du Casino
    +33 7 77 67 40 72
    Fish restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce. Open from Wednesday to Sunday. Il Catanese – 7 Boulevard du 11 Novembre
    +33 4 67 26 27 56 – https://www.restaurant-italien-valras-plage.fr/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral Italian restaurant. Closed on Monday.
    Restaurant Les Jours Heureux – 6 Boulevard Jean Moulin
    +33 4 67 32 28 17
    French restaurant serving traditional local cuisine, based on fresh seasonal produce.

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 30/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Market days

Monday & Friday
Grocery stores
Casino Shop – Allée Charles de Gaulle
Open every day.
Petit Casino Les Elysées – 16 avenue des Elysées Open every day.
Vival les Moue es – 3 rue Champagne
Open every day.

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Wednesday 16-Oct-2019 : Valras Plage – Montpellier

Today’s ride is mostly flat. You will follow the famous lagoons called “Bassin de Thau” to reach the magnificent town of Sète, overlooked by Mont St Clair, before continuing to Montpellier, your destination of the day.

Hotel Albizzia*** – Valras Plage – Hotel – 3*

12 Chemin Creux, 34350, Valras-Plage, France latitude:43.249203966978 longitude:3.2931518554688 h p://www.hotelalbizzia34.com/

04 67 37 48 48
Air conditioning in rooms: No Check-out : 11:00am
Check in: from 2:00pm

Distance : 90 Km (56 mi). Elevation : 350m.

Night at Hotel du Palais.

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Alary – 2 rue du Pacifique Boulangerie Montagne – 1 rue du Pacifique
  • Grocery store
    Lidl – 14 Avenue des Isles d’Amérique Closed on Sunday
  • Restaurants

L’Astoria – 8 Quai Commandant Méric

http://www.restaurant-l-astoria.com/ – + 33 4 67 94 13 78


Traditional seafood restaurant. Wide range of entrees including pizzas, pastas, and salads. Menu from 22.90 €. Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday. Open everyday from mid-June to mid-September.

La Perle Noire – 20 rue André Chassefière
http://www.restaurantlaperlenoireagde.fr/ – +33 4 67 21 09 38
Mediterranean cuisine using fresh products. Menu from 14.50 € for lunch and from 19.90 € for dinner.

Market days

Thursday – Place des Halles
Saturday morning – Alsace Lorrain parking lot Sunday morning – Place des Muriers

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 31/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Seasonal market – from June to September

Monday – Mail de Rochelongue Tuesday – Port
Wednesday – Barbecue parking lot

  • Bakeries
    Boulangerie Denise e – 12 Quai de la Résistance La Mie Caline – 5 Quai de la Résistance
  • Grocery stores
    Carrefour Express – 29 quai Mal. de La re de Tassigny Monoprix – 22 rue Gambe a


  • Restaurants
    Paris Méditerranée – 47 rue Pierre Semard
    +33 4 67 74 97 73
    Seafood restaurant. Gourmet cuisine. Menu from 28 €. Closed on Monday & Sunday. Les Binocles – 25 rue Pierre Semard
    +33 4 99 04 98 35
    French food, local products. Menu from 22 €. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.
    La Part des Anges – 1 quai Leopold Suquet
    +33 4 67 51 46 31
    Organic food. Menu from 14.50 € for lunch. Closed on Sunday.

Market days

Food market – rue Alsace Lorraine

Wednesday morning

Food market – avenue Victor Hugo

Friday morning

Fish market – Port de Sète

Every day

included: luggage transfer, Itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom and breakfast

Thursday 17-Oct-2019 : Montpellier – Roissy

You can take your time ge ing started in the morning to have breakfast and depart at your leisure.(Depart on your own). Trains depart in all directions throughout the day.

Night at Hotel Ibis Paris CDG Airport – Paris. included: bedroom and breakfast

Hotel du Palais*** – Montpellier – Hotel – 3*

3 Rue du Palais des Guilhem, 34000, Montpellier, France latitude:43.611601 longitude:3.873903 h p://www.hoteldupalais-montpellier.fr/
Check-out : Midday

Check in: From 2:00 pm

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 32/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

Hotel Ibis Paris CDG Airport – Paris – Hotel – 3*

Roissypole – BP 11122, 3 rue de Bruxelles, 95701, Roissy, France latitude:48.994635983534 longitude:2.57080078125 http://www.ibis.com/fr/hotel-1404-ibis-paris-cdg-airport/index.shtml

+33 1 49 19 19 19

– Other Services –

Included with your tour : Technical and Emergency support available at all times (from 9am to 7pm) by phone.

number of days: 16
service end date: 17-Oct-2019

Emergency Tour Service Phone :
A self-guided trip is indeed more independent than a guided trip, but you can contact us for emergency support or any questions about the tour. Our mobile

phone number (+ 33 6 27 81 75 52) will be in your road book & travel book for English speaking assistance from 9am to 7pm.

included: Emergency support

Included with your Tour : your personal ROAD BOOK, includes detailed maps, touristic information

number of days: 16
service end date: 17-Oct-2019

Included with your Tour :

Our road books are complete packages of information that will help you to guide yourself through the itinerary that we have planned and laid out. We have invested significant time and incorporated the feedback of our customers over many years (since 1997!) to make our road books even better.

Our road books include: color maps, highlighted routes, touristic information, orientation points to reach hotels, and easy to follow directions. Please note:

GPS routes often start/end in the city center or tourist office and not directly from/to hotels. (check hotel map in the road book). For custom itineraries you will not have cue sheets. Only maps and GPS routes.

included: Roadbook,Travelbook

Included with your tour : GARMIN Oregon 600T or 450T.

number of days: 7
service end date: 02-Oct-2019

GPS Included with your tour :
During your orientation we provide you 1 GPS for every 3 people. The model is a Garmin 600t (or equivalent).
The routes described in your roadbook are pre-programmed in the GPS. You simply have to follow the line shown on the GPS, and enjoy !

NOTE : at the end of your tour, you need to return the GPS as it was given to you (in same box) to the last hotel. Please sign the document (GPS/BIKE PROFF OF RETURN) you received at orientation and have the hotel sign it too. You will need to keep one copy and the hotel will keep the second copy. Both have to be signed by you and the hotel.

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 33/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

included: GPS included

https://discover.toogo.in/public/yourtravel/travelOdetteBatik24Sep20191401?auth=c4ca51884576 34/35

10/20/2019 Travel book – Odette BATIK & Jerry SCOTT

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